39 Ballroom 2

    Every one was stunned to see her like this, girls were finding it hard not to look at her. Who knows what will happen to boys???????


    At the venue

    The whole venue was decorated on the theme of welcoming party. There was a long table at the centre of the hall which was filled with different kinds of food. There were a large variety of different dishes 🍧🍪🍰🍩🍦🍭🍔🍕🍗🍤🍞🍲🍛🍚🍱with best quality of non alcoholic beverages 🍹🍸☕🍵served on the table.

    On one part of the hall, there was loud sound music system 🎶 🔊🎷🎤🎺🎸🎻 with dazzling multi colored lights .

    On the other part of the hall various games🎯 🎮🎳were organized by the event managers for the new students.

    It was an epic sight to see and everyone was enjoying themselves when a group of girls, from girls hostel entered the hall. All the girls were looking stunning as they were in their best outfits.

    Every one was amazed to see the feast of beauties in front of them,  but out of all the beauties,  there is certain someone who is looking hawtt enough to melt the ice inside everyone.

    Tiya was looking incredibly hawtt, her dress was so sexy that it was highlighting every curve of her body perfectly. Everyone was surprised to see such a beauty. The moment Sam saw her,  his eyes were glued on her but he came back to his senses when he realized that Justin was approaching towards her.

    She was Justin's partner for the night so everyone was feeling envious towards him and even Sam can't have a say at this because he was the only stupid one who didn't ask her for the night at the first place.

    Sam then looked towards Michael and asked for her hand like a gentleman, then went towards the dance floor.
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