41 You love her

    Michael was feeling curious to know what's inside those gift packs, so she decided to open the gifts there in the hall.

    All the girls followed the suit and opened their gifts🎁 as well.

    Tiya has got a small teddy,  a pair of ear rings, a hand bag and a perfume where as Michael has got a big teddy,  a pair of gold plated ear rings, a big hand bag👜, a small sling bag👛, a perfume, a ring 💍, lipstick 💄and a pack of chocolates 🍫.

    After checking the gifts,  all of them happily went to the dance floor, it looks like a 'magical world' of disco lights,  laser beams, the irreplaceable glow of black lights shining on the people and loud music.

    The dance floor was abused as it was filled with hundreds of caged students who were ready to party away their lives.

    No one could see the dance floor.  There was no room for any more but somehow Justin-Tiya, Sam-Michael, Jazz-Jammie and all others hit in the space.

    Music kept playing and party went on, every one was dancing like idiots,  jiving,  twisting,  turning and jumping with the music.

    Tiya likes to dance so she was so much into it that she didn't notice the absurd look of Justin on her body. His eyes were like X-ray machine exploring every inch of Tiya's body.

    Sam and Michael were at quiet a distance from both of them,  still Sam's eyes were on Tiya. Michael has already noticed his look and she knows something is wrong with Sam so she made an excuse and told him that she is feeling hungry.  They both went to the food section.  Music was not so loud there so Michael got a chance to talk.

    "Why don't you just tell her"

    "What are you talking about, I don't understand?  Can I get something for you? "Sam asked trying to escape from Michael's questions.

    "Stop pretending! I knew it right...  Why don't you just confess that you love her? "

    Sam looked towards Michael  in an absurd manner and said, "Are you talking about Tiya?  We are just friends and nothing else."

    "I can see it in your eyes.  You love her more than anything else"

    Listening those words from Michael, Sam started looking towards Tiya and saw that Justin's hands were on Tiya's hips and now he is moving his hands inch by inch towards her breast.

    Michael also saw the same scene and told Sam to go and help Tiya but she felt shocked when she heard what Sam just said.

    Sam with a funny look on his face just said, "Poor Justin!!!"

    Michael was trying to understand what does Sam mean by that when she heard a loud scream.
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