49 Kisses and lots of kisses

    The couple was kissing passionately Ruby knotted her fists in Joe's black shirt as she pulled him harder against her while they kissed. His tongue slipped into her mouth as it ravaged her tongue.

    Her tongue also retaliated, wrapping itself around his.

    Their kissing was briefly interrupted when Ruby started removing his clothes. Joe skillfully unhooked her bra in a second. it was not the first time he had played with her, but they both are doing it after one long year.

    Joe is not able to control himself for long.

    #Go wild with your imagination readers... sorry but I am not so good at this part#

    The couple was engrossed in their intense activity while a certain someone who was locked in the washroom was cursing loudly on hearing their loud moans.


    Ruby and Joe were from the same city as well as from the same school. It was a feeling of love at first sight when Joe firstly saw her so he immediately proposed her.

    Ruby on the other hand was an orphan, she was raised in an orphanage.

    After a few months of courtship, Ruby finally accepted his proposal. She was happily in relationship with Joe until one day when she found about his extreme powers.

    Joe was well aware of the fact that with these powers inside him, he will be a threat to Ruby as he was not able to control his powers at that time. So he left her alone in that city and joined high school A where he meet Edd.  With an year of hard training he is now able to control his powers as per his own will.

    Joe was very much in love with Ruby so he didn't dated any other girl till now.

    Ruby loved him too that's why she also joined the same school but because of her bad health she was not able to track him until now when someone put her on his bed.
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