50 Awesome hacker

    At Sam's place.

    "Where is that stupid fellow?" Tiya asked to Jazz.

    "He is in the washroom, attending Michael's call." Jazz replied in a sleepy way while yawning he added, "Here is the laptop, you enjoy your search I am going to sleep. Tomorrow I have a date with my Jammie."

    Jazz slept within a second, his snoring was too loud that it can be heard from miles away.

    Instead of opening and working on the laptop, Tiya decided to eavesdrop from bathroom door. She tried her best to listen but all she can hear was laughing sounds of Sam. When Sam came out, Tiya was bending against the door.

    "Well I w.... want to use the washroom" she said in a stammering voice trying to hide her embracement.

    "Be quick Tiya, we have to do it today only. You know how important it is for us?" Sam was getting impatient now

    "It was you who were busy in the call" she mumbled and then said "Yes Yes I know .... but I was wondering why you didn't do it by yourself????" she asked while connecting laptop.

    "I have tried it, but I think he is too smart to deal with and your hacking tricks are far better than mine so that's why I asked you for help" Sam explained.

    (Tiya's father is a software engineer who works overseas. Tiya has met with him twice or thrice only but hacking techniques are something she inherit from him. She has not learned it, it is something in her blood. Sam has learned a few techniques from Tiya and he is quite good in that, but not as good as Tiya)

    Tiya opened the laptop and started typing a few codes on it. Her fingers were running swiftly on the keyboard In an instant she hacked the software of high school A, then she copied the details of all the students, but as Sam has informed she was not able to get hold of information about any student from city X.

    She thought about something and then she changed her search content. After typing a few codes. She was able to hit the bull's eye.

    She called Sam to show him the results. When Sam came close to her, he was too close that she can even feel his breath on her earlobe, she turned around and at that instant Sam instead of moving back came more closer to her and their lips just touched each others.

    Tiya looked embarrassed while Sam just brushed off the situation with a smile like its a normal thing for him.

    In reality his heart was racing at such a high speed that his heart beats can be listen easily by Jazz who was in his dream world.

    (#Oooo it was such a lovely scene#)

    Sam looked at the laptop screen and found that Tiya has got a list of ten students who are from city X.

    After checking the details, they got two names Joe or Jack.

    "Let's check them out" said Tiya, then she hacked security software and got CCTV footage of the whole school.

    Firstly they checked the footage of Jack, his activities seems to be normal. Going to classes,  eating in canteens,  chasing girls and nothing else.

    Same was in case of Joe,  except for football ground and classes he never went to any other place.

    They both were feeling tired as it was already 3:00am so they decided to shut it off and continue with their search tomorrow. The moment Tiya was about to click close button, a beam of white light flashed acrossed her screen. It's Joe's room, the door opened a light flickered and vanished. It was a split of second but now there is a smile on Tiya and Sam's face as they know they have hit the bull's eye this time.

    Joe is the person they have been looking for.
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