51 I dont want to leave you.

    Joe is the person they have been looking for.

    Tiya left the place after discussing a few things with Sam.

    Ruby was fast asleep when Tiya came back to her room. Tiya found herself smiling on seeing a Sleeping Beauty. "What a pretty girl she is!!!!! " she said to herself and then went to sleep as well.

    .... .... ..... ... .... .... ... ... ... ..


    At Joe's place

    After their love making. Ruby and Joe were embracing each other.  Ruby was lying on Joe's chest when she realized something wet on her shoulders,  she turned her head and kissed Joe on his forehead.

    Without saying anything they both just hugged each other, they both were enjoying their silent moments when Ruby realized that it's already too late and Tiya must be worried about her.

    "Joe I think I should leave now,  it's already too late."

    "Don't go Ruby,  Just stay with me tonight. You don't know how much I have missed you. "

    " I know but I have to leave, My room mate, Tiya, she must be worried about me and if she find out that I am not in room for so long, she might create a big fuss about the whole situation."

    "Hmm that girl, She is really something. Just have a keen eye on her. " Joe suggested.

    "But why ????" Ruby was surprised to listen Joe's words.

    "You both might need to compete in the future." Joe explained with a serious expression

    "Hehehehehe.....  in that case I'll back step from the competition to let her win." Ruby said jokingly

    "Is she reallythat worthy???? "

    "Hmmmm.....  well that's what I think. now please let me go otherwise the whole school will know about us."

    "Let them know...  I don't care about the whole school. The only person I am concerned about is you."

    "Ohhh....  you are as stubborn as ever.... " with a sweet smile on her face she said, "OK I promise tomorrow I will accompany you for the whole day. Please let me go now. "

    "OK!!!! " Joe replied like a child. Sadness was completely showing on his face.

    Then he carefully helped Ruby in hooking her bra, grab a shirt for ruby from his cabinet and give that to her.

    Ruby was looking annoyingly at him as size of shirt was almost double to that of her size but she knows how possessive he is.....  😑 without any word she just put it on. After that he tugged her in the blanket...... Hahaha she was cursing from inside.

    Then he opened washroom door and asked Edd to leave her.

    However Edd was fuming with anger because of what Joe did to him an hour ago. So he rejected Joe's request firmly.

    But the moment he saw Ruby, he started laughing, he has never expected that Joe whom he thought is the most boring person of the world has this side also.

    He said, "I will consider your request only if you promise that you will arrange a date for me."

    Ruby was shocked to hear such a request, she looked towards Joe and then agreed to what he said.

    Edd happily teleported her,  but the force of white light was too much because of his excitement that it opened the door.

    This was the scene that Sam and Tiya witnessed from CCTV camera but they were not able to see that,  white light is used to teleport Ruby back to her room.
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