53 Hello brother 2

    Tiya spat her coffee almost on her face, "ok" is all what she said in reply.

    But inside she cursed, "Rascal there are so many girls in this school why only Ruby???? .... sigh Earlier that horrible dream and now this pair  of lovers (one is my sister and other is my best friends enemy 😡). I can't imagine how many bad things are going to happen today....  😩

    Then she got up and started her daily routine, she was changing her dress when someone entered their room...  it was Michael.

    "Good morning girls.... " with a sweet voice she greeted both Tiya and Ruby.

    "Very good morning dear. O my my.....  you are looking so pretty today." Ruby replied while straightening her curly hairs.

    "Actually the party is in honor of Sam's victory, so I just want to look good today."

    Tiya also picked out her best outfit and wore that.

    The trio left the place happily with chancy,  Danie and Jammie.

    When they reached the venue,  Jazz immediately rushed towards Jamie, they both were wearing white outfits and were looking like a sweet love couple,  where as Ruby went ahead and Joe hugged her lovingly, when Sam came over both Tiya and Michael were standing side by side, just as he was about to say something, a hand came from back it was Smith,( Justin brother)

    "May I have the pleasure to dance with the lovely girl" he asked cheekily Tiya held Smith's hand and went towards  dance floor.

    "Tell her that you love her before she is taken away by someone." Michael warned Sam with a pleasant smile on her face.

    Sam heard her words but he was in a dilemma now 😥. Those words of Kate are still in his mind "either you can b friends or you can be lovers and if you love your friend that means you are ditching your friendship".

    Everyone was congratulating Sam on his success but he was immersed in his own thoughts.

    Edd and Joe were continuously keeping a check on his every move so that they will get to know what they were searching for.

    After an hour of struggling with his own thoughts. Sam finally said, "Fuck you Kate!!!!  and Fuck off those stupid words of your. I can't let her go away from me.  She is mine and only mine."

    After deciding he immediately went towards the dance floor to talk with Tiya but she was not there.

    He searched for her in the whole venue then he went to Tiya's hostel but she was not there as well.  He asked her friends but no one has seen her anywhere. He was getting anxious with every passing second but even after one hour of searching,  the result was same. Tiya was no where to be found.

    All her friends Ruby,  Michael,  Jammie,  Jazz,  Chancy,  Dannie everyone was searching for her. Ruby started crying as she was so worried about her so she asked Edd for help.

    Jazz went to see the security camera footage to know what happened to her.

    ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... .... .... .... .... ....

    Meanwhile at certain hotel

    Room No 500

    Tiya was lying on a bed in drunken state it looked like she has been drugged.

    "Justin I have got that bitch, I know what to do.  You don't worry. Tonight she will pay for what she has done with you" Smith was laughing on his deeds.
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