54 Hello brother 3

    "Justin I have got that bitch, I know what to do.  You don't worry. Tonight she will pay for what she has done with you" Smith was laughing on his deeds while explaining the situation to Justin

    (Justin was in the hospital bed when someone asked him, "How can you be so careless that you broke three bones of yours while dancing"

    Justin was thinking about this but when someone asked him that question, he got triggered and asked for the camera footage of that party. The moment he saw, how Tiya tricked him,  he got angry and decided to take revenge from Tiya. He call Smith and made a plan with him to get revenge from her."

    .... ..... ... ... ... ... ..... ..... ... .... ... .... ....

    At party venue

    Jazz got the security video and he transferred it into his pen drive.

    The moment he brought the pen drive Sam open the laptop and inserted the pen drive  , he forwarded the footage to a point where they saw a boy wearing cap was dragging Tiya out of the hall, they rewind the video and tried to find out about the identity of the man,  but all their efforts seems to be in vain as the man was too smart,  he didn't left any clue about him.

    Sensing a great alarming situation, Sam was not able to hold his anger anymore. He tightly closed his fist and then closed his eyes in anger, his body started trembling and then when he opened his eyes,

    Everything just stopped, there was no movement in the hall, it looks like time has stopped and everyone becomes like a statue.

    Those beautiful eyes of Sam turned white, it was as white and cold as snow,  his cute face became as horrifying as that of a monster.

    He touched one of the student who was present on the dance floor with Tiya, it looked like he was sucking all his energy and his thoughts, after that, that student fell on the ground like a lifeless person,  in a second Sam returned to his composed self and left the place in a hurry.

    The moment he stepped out everything came to normal like nothing happened there except for a body of a student who was lying on the ground. A few students picked him up and sent to the hospital.

    ... ... ... ..... ... .... ..... .... .... .... .... ..... ...


    Room number 500

    Smith finished his call with Justin and went back to the room where Tiya was lying on the bed.

    She was not able to move because of the influence of drugs injected to her but she was able to sense the comming danger, The moment Smith came close to her,  he was charmed by her beauty, her perfect figure, his turmoil triggered him and he bent over to her and said, "Baby you are too beautiful don't worry your beauty will be perfectly appreciated by all the men I have arranged specially for you. But your are really so attractive that firstly I will enjoy this beautiful body of yours."

    He started touching Tiya's face. His fingers were touching her ears,  then moved towards her neck after that he started massaging her breasts with one hand and unbuttoning her dress with other hand. His tongue started liking her beautiful red lips.

    Tears started flowing from Tiya's eyes, she wanted to move away, she wanted to throw this creepy creature away from herself,  but alas she can't, she can't even move her finger.
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