56 Hello brother 5

    The moment Smith was about to insert his finger,

    Thudd Thudd thudddd

    Almost all the things in the room started moving.

    Smith was shocked to death seeing that horrifying scene. Things started revolving by their own, the force of their movement was so high that it created a cyclone 🌀 in the room,  there was air, dust and mixture of different articles

    Then a metallic flower vase hit him hard on his face, it was so hard that blood ooze out of his head and his whole face is now covered with blood,  after flower vase a sharp knife moved out of cyclone and made a sharp cut on his neck, there was a continuous stream of blood  flowing down on the ground.

    That pure white marble on the ground is now fully stained with red colour.  After knife there were rods,  tables, chairs everything continuously started hitting him hard.

    He started crying from pain, his painful screams can be heard from miles apart. One fork directly entered in his eyes now he was covering his one eye with his hands and trying to get up on his legs but his knees has no remaining strength,  pressure on his shoulder were so high that his internal organs can be squeezed with that pressure in any moment.

    Just as he was about to pass out,  everything stopped in an instant. There was a pin drop silence in the whole room. The condition of a well furnished five star rated hotel room is now comparable to dump area,  every thing was broken and scattered on the ground, there were blood stains on the whole wall and the floor became sticky red because of blood.

    A blanket moved on the bed and covered the naked body of Tiya and after that the room was opened with a loud bammm.

    It was Joe.

    The moment he entered the room, everything went back to its normal position,  tables,  chairs,  curtains,  knives,  flower vase ..... and all those things that were revolving like a cyclone a minute ago are now well arranged in the room.

    Except for that person who was lying on the ground. Smith was staring at Joe,  and his whole body was trembling with fear he was so shocked like he has seen a ghost in the day light.

    Tiya was still lying on the bed, She was not able to feel anything as she was in a daze because of the trauma.

    The moment Joe saw her in that situation his mind was filled with anger and in an instant his eyes fell on Smith who was covering his eye with his one hand.

    Because of anger colour of Joe's eyes started changing from beautiful blue it started becoming dangerous white.  The moment Smith saw what was happening his mind turned blanked and he started yelling for mercy, "Please forgive me....  please....  i have not done anything please don't do anything....  leave me just leave me. "

    In his current aura, Joe was looking like a death machine. There was a small thrilling smile on his face as he said, "No need to say these words to me.  I will not do anything to you. The one whom you have offended is not me."

    On hearing Joe's words, Smith felt relieved but in an instant his expression changed when he saw a white light occurred and Sam and Edd entered the room.

    Sam was not bothered about anything except Tiya,  he straight way went to Tiya hold her in his arms like a princess then he turned towards Smith and a ray of light from his white scary eyes fell on him. At that place where Smith was lying before now only his ashes are remained. in an instant all the traces of Smith were removed from that place like he never ever visited that place.

    Then he looked towards Tiya, his heart was beating fastly,  he was feeling very nervous by looking at her. At that moment, Joe put his hand on Sam's shoulder from back and he said, "She will be fine, Thankfully I was on time and nothing wrong happened to her."
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