59 You want to kill me

    After a minute others left the room leaving two of them alone.

    He held her icy cold hands tightly, trying to give all his warmth to her. without saying anything he placed a light kiss on her forehead and then hugged her tightly.

    Tiya was in his tight embrace when she shouted loudly, "Sam you idiot..  Do you want to kill me 😡??? "

    Sam:" 😀 you are fine???? "

    "off course I am fine, what do you think who I am??? I am Tiya the great Tiya and oh yeah that rascal,  I am going to kill him....  Just tell me where is he???  I am going to beat him to death." She was like a small bomb ready to blast any time. Like a rocket she jumped from the bed but she forgot about the IV drips attached to her.

    Tiya is most afraid of injections so when she saw two needles inserted in her veins she screamed on the top of her lungs like she has seen a ghost in the day light,"Aaahhh injection 💉 Uhu Uhu 😭😭😭."

    "Stupid you scared me to death and now you are crying just because of these needles? 😡 " Sam said in anger but in heart he was happy very very happy because his Tiya is back,  the Tiya whom he loved the most,  the one who is his best friend, his crime partner,  his helper,  his guide,  his only friend....  she is back. "

    "Hey cutie prince!!!  Stop crying like a girl and help me out of these needles. then let's have a round of fight ...👊  I am bored to death by lying here for so long and yes after that take me back to school. I want to kill that bastard Smith by myself."
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