61 Deep passionate kiss

    Tiya was shocked when she heard about Justin and Smith, but in the end she was relieved because if a person dares to molest the dignity of a girl he deserves this kind of punishment.

    Ruby and Tiya were happily chatting when someone came from behind. Ruby held her head seeing the person who was coming.

    "Hello Edd. " Tiya greeted him.

    "Hello girls. " He replied with a big smile. "Well  I hope you have not forget about your promise. " He asked mischievously.

    "What promise???  I don't know about any such thing."asked Tiya

    Ruby explained that Edd helped her once so now in return I need to arrange a date for him.

    Tiya started laughing hearing her explanation.

    Edd was a smart looking boy with brown hairs,  he had a good muscular body with tattoo on his shoulders. he had perfect six pack abs and his brown eyes are like cherry on the cake.

    The more he is good with his looks the worst he is in his love life. In this short age of twenty years, he tried to date at least 1000 girls but after every date, either girls run away from the date or they will dump him after few hours or they.......  ... ugh this list is too long to write.

    In short his love life is like an never existing thing. So helping him to find a date is more difficult than climbing Mount Everest.

    "Why did you promise him such a thing???  Have you ever think about the poor girl who will date him 😆. Anyways you have promised him so we will definitely search someone for him." Tiya cleared her throat and then asked, "Well Mr. Edd Please tell me what kind of girl you like to make your girlfriend???? ".

    Edd: 😋 I am OK with all kinds as long as it is a girl.

    Tiya 😮

    Ruby 😕

    Just as they were chatting, Chancy came with a pack of chocolates for Tiya.

    Tiya saw the smile on Edds face and noticed Chancy's shy look on seeing Edd.  She said, "Thank you Chancy" and then started singing

    :"Two hearts wants to be one

    Let them be free

    from this world of desires

    Two hearts wants to be one

    Two hearts

    beautiful  hearts

    💕  💕 "

    Ruby also joined in and started singing and they both moved aside leaving only Edd and Chancy alone in the ground.

    After five minutes, Edd was kneeling down to Chancy where as Chancy was hitting him continously on his head and then she left with angry face 😡

    Both Tiya and Ruby started laughing together seeing what happened with Edd.  😂 😂 😂 😂

    They both were laughing at Edd's condition when Sam came and called Tiya.

    Sam: "Tiya I want to tell you something. "

    Tiya: "Huh.....  tell me"

    Sam: "Not here....  come with me"

    He hold Tiya's hand and then dragged her into a small corner where no one was there to disturb them.

    Tiya:"What's so important that you can't tell me in front of Ruby? "

    Sam: "Tiya the thing that I am going to tell you is.... "

    Tiya: "Is what???? "

    Sam : "Cough.....  It's really important so please listen carefully"

    Tiya:" Yes I am listening, tell me."

    Sam: "....".

    . 5 minutes


    .15 minutes

    Tiya: " Sam we are standing here from last fifteen minutes. Are you sure you want to say something or shall I leave now???? "

    .Sam: "....".

    Sam still not able to say anything

    Tiya :"You keep on standing here like a statue and I am going.  I am feeling hungry so I am going to eat something."

    Tiya turned around and was about to leave when Sam suddenly hold her hand pulled her close to him and kissed her.

    A deep passionate kiss 😘
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