65 Mission star

    Sam was confused about using such things and obviously ignoring Tiya is next to impossible for him but Ruby assured him with one hundred percent guarantee that it will definitely work.

    OK then let's start.....  Mission Seduce Tiya.

    "First step of ignorance is OK I will try to do that but how am I supposed to make her feel jealous??" asked Sam

    Ruby, "hmm well we need to find a partner for you to accomplish our mission."

    Sam was thinking about something and he was looking at Ruby when he felt someone's strange gaze on him.

    "Don't you dare to think about using my girl." warned Joe by lovingly hugging Ruby in front of Sam.

    Sam's mouth twitched hearing Joe's words,"I am not thinking about sister in law, but surely I need someone."

    Ruby felt shy hearing sister in law from Sam so she started blushing.

    At that time a sweet familiar voice came from back, " I think I can help."

    Ahh life savor....  It was Michael.

    The whole plan of seducing Tiya is well framed and discussed and after that every one left the place to play their parts happily.

    .... .... .... .... ..... ..... .... ... ..... .... ... ...

    Next day

    Computer class 💻, when Tiya and Ruby entered the class. Out of habit Tiya went straight towards her seat but surprisingly her seat was occupied that day by Michael, she was sitting with Sam.

    (From the day one of school,  Sam has never allowed anyone to sit with him except Tiya but now today Michael was sitting at her place)

    Tiya didn't react as she simply moved and find another seat for herself.

    Sam, Michael and Ruby noticed Tiya's reaction and started laughing as it was a good start to their plan.

    The whole day goes without a hitch except for their martial arts class where that middle aged teacher with spectacle seemed to be quite strict with Sam, He was continously scolding Sam for every single move where as towards other students he was quite good.

    "Sam do practice of this kick 50 times,  Why you are not concentrating on what I am saying, Tilt your body a little more......."  he continued with so many instructions but Sam's full focus was on his mission so he ignored teachers instructions and continued making lots of mistakes,  resulting in getting punishment of fifty rounds of the whole ground.

    (Hehehehehe he got punishment like a kid)

    Sam felt exhausted after finishing fifty rounds of punishment, (In reality he has very good stamina but he can't display it to everyone so he was acting tired)

    Tiya and Ruby knows about Sam's powers so they both didn't react much about such a thing but when Tiya saw Michael, her expressions were more tiring then Sam's.

    Michael was carrying a glucose water in one hand, along with towel and a hand fan for Sam.

    Tiya was looking towards both of them when Michael gave him water to drink and started wiping sweat from Sam's face.

    Tiya : 😑

    on seeing Tiya's expression

    Ruby,  Michael : 😉

    Sam: 😘

    Tiya went straight towards both of them. She called Sam but the moment she said his name,  both Michael and Sam left the ground holding hands.
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