66 Step 2

    Tiya went straight towards both of them. She called Sam but the moment she said his name,  both Michael and Sam left the ground holding hands.

    Next day in the morning when Tiya checked her phone,  there were a lot of good morning wishes from different persons but Sam has not sent her a single message, she put her phone back and started getting ready for school

    After five minutes Michael came to their room, she was yawning and tiredness can be easily seen on her face, she said, "Hey Tiya can you please do me a favor? "

    "Yeah sure. How can I help you? " asked Tiya.

    "Well actually I am not attending school today, Please tell teacher that I am not well. "

    Tiya: "Oh what happened Michael?  Do you want to consult a doctor? "

    Michael winked at her and said sarcastically,"Hehehehehe in reality I am alright, it's just that for the whole night I was chatting with Sam and tonight I am going to his place for a date, If I will not sleep now then dark circles will appear on my face and I will not look good on my date." Michael was blushing while telling this to Tiya.

    During breakfast, when Tiya entered the dining area of mess, Michael was busy in eating a big heart shaped chocolate cake 🎂, she waved at Tiya and invited her to join as well. "Hey Tiya come over, you love chocolate cake right?  come and have a bite. See Sam has bought such a big cake for me. 😊 He is such a sweetheart. "

    Tiya finished her breakfast fastly and excused herself, she went towards school ground where Sam was doing morning exercise. Tiya waved at him but he ignored😕

    Tiya went near to Sam and told him that next week there is a dance competition in the school so I am giving our names as partners.

    "I have already registered for that competition as Michael's partner. " Sam replied with straight face and then continued with his exercises.

    Tiya : 😢 without saying anything she just left the place sadly. in her heart Tiya was thinking that, "In school, for almost more than ten years we both had always won best dancer trophy as a pair but this time how can he dance with Michael??? Does she actually knows how to dance better than me? "
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