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    Get ready for formal introduction

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    Tiya went towards the organizing committee and informed them that she is not participating in the dance competition.

    Seniors were disappointed as they know how good she is in dancing, so they were looking forward for a good show but now she is not even participating.

    In the class, Michael was sitting with Sam and the only place that was left vacant is behind Michael and Sam,  she sat there quietly, before the class will start Michael was leaning on Sam's shoulder.

    Tiya asked, " Michael I thought you are not going to attend the school today. "

    "yeah I told you earlier but then Sam called me and told that he will feel lonely in the class if I will not be with him. " Michael replied and then kissed on Sam's face while leaning on his shoulder.

    Tiyas pinched the space between her brows as she was smiling mockingly on herself because earlier Sam only sits with her but now she is no one to him as she doesn't exist.

    Sam also acknowledge Michaels  words by giving her a light hug.

    Michael excused herself and went to the washroom with the intention of giving some space to both of them,  the moment she left,

    Sam, "Tiya what's wrong with you? Why were you looking so off today? "

    Tiya: "Oh finally the great prince Sam got time to notice me 😠"

    Sam: " what happened??  Did I do anything wrong?? " 😁😁😁

    Tiya: "No need to talk to me. You concentrate on your Michael.

    Michael came back and said, "Sam there is some burning smell coming here"

    Sam, "Yeah Hehehehehe someone's heart is burning" 😆😆😆

    Tiya got up looking frustrated and left the place

    Ruby who was watching the whole scene from behind joined Michael and Sam and the trio started laughing hardly.

    In the evening.

    "Ruby dear please help me out in my hair style You know na I have a date with Sam tonight, please do something, I don't want this layer of hair to come in between when Sam will kiss me. " Michael entered Tiya and Ruby's room wearing a sexy dress perfectly showing the sexy curves of her body.

    Tiya was shocked to see her,  she was looking extra hawtt  in short mini dress,  her long legs and cleavage are out to be seen.

    "Any boy will not resist such a feast of beauty, They both will definitely end up together tonight" Tiya was thinking in her mind.

    Ruby helped Michael in her make up and hair style and then Michel bid them good bye.

    After about ten minutes, Tiya also moved out giving an excuse of library to Ruby,  she went straight way to Sam's room and the moment she opened the room, Michael was on bed and Sam was on her top.

    Tiya saw the scene and turned around, she left the place with tears in her eyes.

    Sam followed her and grabs her hand, tears can be easily seen on her beautiful face.

    Sam wiped her face with his hands and kissed her on her cheeks and then said, "Jealous??? "

    "Why don't you agree that you also love me? " he asked in a seductively low tone

    "Sam I don't love you and I will never ever love you." Tiya replied while stopping Sam from kissing her.

    She pushed him away and ran back to her hostel as fast as she can.
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