68 love is a crime

    Tiya was crying and she locked herself in the washroom, the moment she entered her room.

    Ruby was worried about her but she didn't want to disturb her so she just knocked the washroom door and said, "Tiya I am going out for a walk to have some fresh air,  I will be back after some time."

    with the thought of giving some time to Tiya for herself she left her alone.

    Tiya controlled her crying and said, "OK enjoy your self and come back soon, we will have Maggie tonight." she tried to sound normal.

    Tiya knows about her feelings towards Sam from the very starting, it's not today when she realized how much she liked him. She loved him from the day she had seen him.

    Sam's cute chubby face on the first day of the school, the time other students were planning to bully him and his sweet smile when he talks with her.  All his memories are as fresh as flowers in her mind, but how can she say that she loves him??

    She dare not think about such a thing, more of saying this. To like Sam is more of  a crime for her and she really don't want to commit such a crime which can cost her whole life.

    Tiya still remember the day of Sam's fifth birthday when his grand mother came at her place she clearly told Tiya's mother that she is here to pick Tiya because of Sam's stubborn friendship with her but you people better watch your actions because if I got to know that you used your daughter to seduce little prince, I will destroy your whole family by myself. "

    Although they are best friends and they both love each other but the status gap between their families is too much that it can never be filled with the sweetness of their love, Tiya is well aware about all these things and those threatening words of Sam's grand mother that she can never forget.

    with such a situation and so many things in mind, she will never dare to accept her feelings for Sam.

    Tiya was crying while lost in her own thoughts when she felt a warm embrace around her.

    Sam entered her room from the balcony, he hugged her tightly from behind. Tiya's heart skipped a beat when she realized that she is in Sam's embrace.

    Sam placed a small kiss on her neck and then turned her around, she was in his arms and tears were rolling continously from her eyes.

    "You can't see me with someone else,  You can't stop caring about me, you can't leave me but still you are saying you don't love me"

    Tiya looked in his eyes but didn't say anything.

    Sam leaned over and planted a sweet kiss on her forehead," just think about it and do whatever your heart says,  don't think about other nonsense things of the world. I will wait for your reply "

    Sam then left leaving her behind in a dazed state
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