73 True feelings

    Ryan, Joe and Edd were talking and planning for their further moves when Sam regained his consciousness, He was listening to their conversation and was shocked to know that he is a part of their plan.

    Sam opened his eyes and found himself in a laboratory, he was trying to get up when Joe noticed him and helped him to sit on the table.

    "Your injuries are healed now but you still need some time to regain your strength, take some rest and then join us for training sessions because you need to work on your skills." this is all what Ryan explained

    Sam nodded his head but he was utterly confused about the situation, he doesn't know what is happening here and why those wolves and the person who was controlling them wants to kill him.

    "Don't worry we will have enough time to discuss about these things, firstly let's get out of here. Tiya and Ruby are waiting for us outside. " Joe said while helping him to stand.

    .... ..... ..... ..... ... ... .... .... .....

    Tiya waited for the whole night, but there was no information from Sam's side so, early in the morning g she decided to go out and search for him

    It was 5:00am, Ryan was doing his daily exercise when he saw Tiya,  Tiya explained the situation to him with a worried look.

    "I will go and look for him, you go back and wait. I will call you when I find him." Ryan promised Tiya.

    .... .... .... ....   ....  ... .....  .....  ....

    Ryan knows that Tiya is worried about Sams well being so he asked Joe to contact her and inform her about Sam's condition.

    When Tiya saw that Joe is helping Sam to move out of the washroom,  her heart started beating at a faster rate, she was worried about Sam but she didn't want to reveal her worriedness on her face as she didn't want Sam to know about her feelings towards him.
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