74 Fatty

    "Cutie pie can't you even take care of yourself ? oh God now I have to do baby sitting also 😤." Tiya said with a sigh and then took Sam's hand from Joe and helped him to move out of his room.

    there was a shining smile in Sam's eyes but on his face he maintained a dull look. When they both entered Sam's room Tiya helped him to settle on his bed and then with an angry expression she started complaining," Who told you to go out in the night?  You better behave from now and firstly promise me that you will not go alone anywhere."

    "Not even in the washroom???  😉," Sam asked with a naughty smile.

    Tiya "....."

    "Now I am leaving, just let me know if you need anything."

    Sam: "Hmm I need you"

    Tiya :"What??? " 😡

    Sam:" I mean I need you, I am so weak that I can't move. if you will leave me alone now then how will I get anything as Jazz is also not here. "

    Tiya:" Uff....  😏tell me what you want?"

    Sam: "Help me in changing my clothes. "

    Tiya: 😧

    Sam: "Do it fastly I can't change myself and these clothes are stinking badly with the smell of blood"

    Tiya shook her head and got up to find some clothes for him but the moment she got up,  Sam pulled her back and she fell on him.

    Sam was lying on bed and she was on him, Tiya was shocked by this, she was looking at his eyes.

    Sam grabbed the opportunity and hugged her tightly then he gave a light kiss on her lips.

    "Ahh now I am feeling charged I think now I can change by my self."

    Tiya felt stupefied hearing such shameless words from Sam

    "Sam you..... " she shouted

    "What???  I only said that I can help myself but if you are so eager to help me then I don't have any problems with that. " Sam replied in a teasing tone.

    Tiya "..."

    Sam: "Tiya I think you are eating too much now a days. I will die under you... fatty get up from me."

    Tiya then realized that she is still in the same position, she got up immediately and said, "you better get your eyes checked. you are fatty your brain is fatty and your Michael is fatty. "

    She left while shouting those words

    😡😡😡 where as Sam was still smiling 😊😊😊
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