75 What is happening

    After two days,  Sam fully recuperate and then joined Joe and Edd in their training session as directed by Ryan.

    Ryan passed him a hand gun 🔫 and then pointed at the dart board, This is the first time for Sam to hold a real gun, being a prince , Sam has taken training in all these things but he had always used those dummy things.

    When Sam looked at it,  he was quite amused by the looks of it but then he immediately pointed it towards the dart board, as instructed by Ryan.

    First hit.....  it was a perfect ten

    Sam smiled

    Joe,"Luck doesn't work every time. you need to practice hard. " Joe turned around after saying those words

    Another hit.....  again perfect ten

    Another one...  it's 10 points again

    Tha ..... tha ... tha ....

    in continuation Sam pulled the trigger ten times but the result was same with every hit.  Even Sam was shocked to see the results.

    "Not bad!!! "Ryan said with a straight face and then continued with his training.

    "Mr.  Ryan I am just a little curious about our mission. " Sam chose his words very carefully.

    Mr. Ryan gave him a warning look and without    saying anything he passed him another gun to practice with.

    Sam was making faces as he doesn't have any idea, what is actually happening and how all these things are related to him.  Moreover he was curious about himself also,  he wanted to know about his own powers, from where he got those powers and why amongst the whole world he was chosen?

    Sam was immersed in his own thoughts when he saw that Edd and Joe were doing extensive exercises to increase their physical powers.

    Sam went towards them as he also wanted to join them but Mr. Ryan told him to focus on guns,"Everyone in this mission has an important part to play so you better stuck with your tasks. "
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