84 Shameless Edd

    Tiya left the place with Adi. While others were still waiting for the bus.

    "Does he look better than me? Where will they go now?  Ahh he is not of Tiya's type.  I am sure she will never like such a guy. but what if she will fell for him 😕 Eeewww I have to think of a plan 🤔" Sam was immersed in his own thoughts.

    Suddenly a number of people who  were chasing a sweet little girl of about ten years started yelling," Catch her.... catch her...  she is a thief,  Thief , Stop her,  someone please stop her. "

    The girl was running too fast, it was so fast that they just felt a wave of air passing through them.   Thankfully Ryan reacted fastly and grabbed a bag out of thin air. He then passed it to Edd and started chasing that little girl.

    Edd grabbed the bag and showed it to the crowd who were chasing that little girl. People clapped for him as they thought that Edd caught that bag thief. Edd started flaunting about the situation and then with a big smile on his face, he went near the girl who was the owner of that bag.

    "Hello I am Agyapoma thank you for bringing my bag back. " she said politely.

    Edd quickly leaned over and kissed her on her lips, "No need to  say thanx sexy, just a small kiss is sufficient."

    Agyapoma was about to pass out hearing such shameless words from a stranger but by the time she could choose her words to curse him for his shamelessness, Edd already ran away out of her vision.

    Little girl got the gist of Ryan's power  by looking at the way he was chasing her so she changed her direction and went towards the deep dark jungle to hide from them.

    Ryan was lacking in following the little girl as her powers are beyond imagination but With the help of Joe who was behind both of them, they were able to catch her up.

    The moment Joe was about to grab her from back,  the girl turned and moved her hands which formed a protective shield around her. Joe and Ryan stepped back and fell down because of the force exerted by the protection shield.

    "Stop chasing me, otherwise I will kill you. " the girl said in a warning tone.

    Joe stood up in anger and he was about to move his fingers when Ryan asked him to stop.

    Ryan stood up slowly and said, "We are friends and not enemies, you can trust us. "

    "Do You think I am a fool ??? Firstly you tricked my brother and took him away and now you people want to kill me. I will never surrender myself to you." she said in a trembling voice.

    After a few minutes with a sound of Thuddd...,  she collapsed and fell down on the ground.

    with that the protection shield that she had been holding from so long also disappeared.

    Ryan went close to her and checked her pulse, then he said,"She is just a kid and holding such a powerful protection shield requires a lot of energy. She will be fine after some rest. "
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