85 She knows everything

    In the hospital.

    Sam was sitting next to the little girl.  he was trying to talk to the little girl."Hello little kitty what is your name? Do you want some thing to eat? Who is your brother? "

    He was asking so many things but the girl was too afraid to speak anything.

    Joe and Ryan were sitting on the sofa with their laptop, where as Edd was standing outside the door guarding them.

    A beautiful lady doctor came with some medicine in her tray,"Excuse me sir I want to go in to check the patient."

    "Firstly tell me your name?" asked by Edd

    "My name is Fidel and I am the doctor in charge here. "

    Edd quickly leaned over and kissed her on her lips and then said,"This is the entry fee. Now you can go inside."

    Doctor Fidel was so angry that she wanted to kill him but she was on duty so she quickly moved inside with an angry look.

    After complete check up she prescribed some medicine and then left.

    Sam was trying his best to talk with the little girl but she was not ready to speak. In the end Joe picked up his phone and called Ruby for help.

    When Ruby came, she bought a pink princess dress, a pack of chocolates and a big teddy bear with her.

    She firstly gave chocolates to her and then gave her teddy bear.  The girl showed reluctance at first but then because of hunger she quickly grabbed chocolate from Ruby's hand and eat it in a go. Ruby then took her towards washroom and helped her in changing to the princess dress she bought for her.

    Exactly after ten minutes when they both came out of the washroom, every one was stunned to see her. The girl with a rowdy look is now transformed into a cute little princess.  She was looking so adorable that Ryan hold her in his arms like a father and kissed on her cheeks.

    little girl felt touched by this gesture and tears dwell in her eyes.

    Ruby came ahead and asked, "Little princess what is your name? Tell us about yourself and don't worry we will not harm you. "

    "My name is Priya. I live in this country with my brother Maku. Almost a year ago we got some powers inside us. Since then some people wants to kill us.  They took my brother away and now they want to take me with them. " Priya explained in her cute little voice.

    "Do you know anything about those people,who are they and why they want to take you? " asked Sam.

    "My grandma once told me that there are six big stars full of positivity and I am one of those stars 🌟, but if those stars are finished then negativity and evil powers will rule this world."

    Ruby,  Joe,  Edd, Sam as well as Ryan all of them were shocked to listen to her explanation.

    "Where is your grandma?  We want to meet her. " Ryan asked in a serious tone.

    Priya started crying by hearing this and then with a sigh she said,"Those people killed my grandma. She was helping me and my brother to escape but they killed her and took away my brother with them. Fortunately I was lucky enough to hide myself."

    "Aiyaa this little brat knows everything that we have been searching from so long. "Edd said in amusement.
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