86 Sugar sweet Adi

    Meanwhile at Tiya's side.

    Adi took Tiya on a coffee date in the best restaurant of the area. He  was behaving like a sugar coated candy. His behavior was so sweet that anyone would become diabetic just by being at his side.

    "How much sugar you want? " he asked with a big smile.

    "I prefer black coffee without sugar. " Tiya replied with a straight face.

    Both of them were silently enjoying their coffee when Adi said, "I love you. "

    Tiya was so shocked that she spat her coffee. Thankfully she was able to cover her mouth with tissue paper otherwise it would have ruined Adi's dress.

    "Oh!! I mean I like you. I mean I was not in a favor of arrange marriage before and when your mother send your profile to my parents I rejected them straightway but the moment I saw your pictures, I don't know what happened to me. I fell in love with you."

    Tiya was looking straight at his eyes and he was doing the same.

    There was an expression of love and excitement in Adi's eyes and he was expecting same thing from Tiya as well.

    But Tiya's mind was wondering elsewhere. She was thinking about Sam. She has not listened a  single word what Adi has said.

    "Tiya....  Tiya..  what happened?  why are you lost??  Are you alright? " Adi asked her with a concerned look.

    Tiya came back to her senses and realized that Adi was not comfortable with the way she was behaving so she excused herself and said, "I am not feeling well. I think I'm tired because of long journey so I want to take some rest. "

    Adi was upset but he agreed to her request on the promise that she will meet him tomorrow.

    It was evening time when they came out of the restaurant but because of winters the sky was dark.

    Tiya was wearing sleeveless dress so she started shivering when they came out.

    Like a gentleman Adi took off his coat and put it on her shoulder lovingly.

    When they reached at Tiya's hotel,  Tiya thanked him with a smile and returned his coat.

    Adi took his coat back but before returning he tapped on her shoulder and reminded her about their tomorrow's date.

    This was the scene that Sam witnessed when he returned from hospital along with Ruby, Priya,  Edd, Joe and Ryan.

    After discussing a few things all of them went back to their respective rooms. They were planning about their mission but Sam was lost.

    The only thing running in Sam's mind was the smile on Tiya's face when she was with Adi.

    Sam was so angry that his cute white face is turned Red. After discussion instead of going to his own room,  he turned towards Tiya's room.
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