87 punish her

    After discussion, Ruby took Priya along with her in her room while Ryan and Joe went towards Joe's room with their laptop, they wanted to search more things about the information that they received from little Priya.

    Edd went straightway towards reception area to order for dinner.

    In the reception a sweet young girl was sitting, she was wearing her uniform dress with a name plate on the left side.

    Edd entered inside the reception area, kissed the girl and then said, "Hie Nej thanks for this desert but I am still hungry please take my order and send it at Room no. 501."

    Nej's cheeks were blushing red because of Edd's shameless action. She was so starled that she fainted instantly.

    .... .... .... ..... ..... ..... .... ..... ..... ..... ..

    Sam knocked at the door hardly.  He was getting impatient as Tiya was taking time to open the door. He started knocking at a faster pace.

    When Tiya opened the door,  she was yawning because she was so tired that after coming back to her room she instantly fell asleep. 😴

    "Sam!!  Why are you here so late? " she asked in confusion.

    Without any warning, the only reply she got was a forcefull kiss on her lips.

    Sam hold her forcefully from her arms. it was so tight that her arms started hurting.

    Tiya's eyes were wide open now. She already had an experience of this side of Sam so this time she was not standing numb. In fact this time she pushed him hardly away from herself.

    "Are you out of your senses? What are you trying to do?" Tiya asked while shouting at him.

    Sam looked straight at his eyes and said, "How dare he?  How dare he to touch you?"

    Tiya was not able to understand the meaning of Sam's words. she looked at him in confusion. (For others Tiya is a strong personality who is not afraid of anything. No one ever dares to be rough with her but when it comes to Sam she can't find energy to move away, She herself doesn't know if it was her energy, her mind or her heart that doesn't allow her to take step against sam

    Sam was not in a mood to explain the things now. He hugged her tightly and dragged her towards the balcony. She was blocked by the sides of railing. From Sam's sight there was a beautiful view of lights in the dark night, they were on the tenth floor of the building so the view was extremely epic.

    Wide dark sky was full of shining stars and under the moonlight Tiya's was looking so tempting that it was hard for him to control himself anymore.

    Tiya was wearing the same sleeveless dress that she was wearing in the evening.

    Sam started biting hard on her shoulder and when he reached at the point where Adi touched her,  he became so mad that he made a red mark at that spot.

    Sam was delebrately hurting her as if he was punishing her for that moment when she was smiling and talking with Adi.

    Sam wants to give her all the pain that his heart felt when he saw her with some one else.

    Tiya tried to push him away and because of her force she bumped back and tripped over the railing.

    Luckily Sam reacted fastly and pulled her back but before she could stand properly, floor under Sam's foot cracked causing Sam to fell down.

    Tiya's mind was not able to process the situation quickly. After a second, she shouted, "Saaaam" and then ran towards lift.

    when she reached at the ground, it was a deadly sight. Sam was lying down on the ground and under him the whole area was covered in blood.
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