88 Angry Tiya

    when she reached at the ground, it was a deadly sight. Sam was lying down on the ground and under him the whole area was covered in blood.

    Tiya started crying seeing him, it was heart wrenching to see her.  Her screams can be heard from long distance. 😫

    with trembling hands she touched him she was so afraid that because of fear her cute little face turned white as if blood has been drained out of her. She sit beside him,  tears were continuously moving out of her beautiful eyes. 😭

    She was blaming herself for all that happened now. In between her loud sobs she started cursing herself,"This is all my fault. I am sorry I am really really sorry. please forgive me Sam. you can't leave me alone like this. How will I live without you?  I love you Sam please come back. Please come back. I love you Sam.  I love you.  sob...  sob...  I love you. "

    She was crying her heart out loudly, when she heard a voice, "Do you love Sam? "

    Without opening her eyes she replied,"Hmm I love him. I love him alot."

    "What will you do if he come back? "

    "I will do anything for him." Tiya replied while crying 😭

    "Promise??? "

    Tiya realized that something is not right.  she opened her eyes and found that Sam who was lying leisurely in her lap was looking towards her with a naughty smile on his face.

    Tiya was shocked to death when she saw that he was all fine and nothing happened to him.

    Sam licked the blood from his face and said, "This tomato ketchup is so tasty. 😋  you should also try this".

    Tiya was so angry 😡 , she said, "You tricked me with this ketchup? I will kill you Sam. "

    Tiya started hitting and slapping him.

    Sam started laughing 😁 loudly, then he said, "Thanks to my stupid tricks at least you confessed that you love me. "

    "love?  what love? I hate you. I hate you and I only hate you." Tiya pushed him away from her lap and ran away.

    Sam was watching her happily lying at the same spot while licking ketchup from his face.
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