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    But the main issue is Priya 's brother is now at their side and we need to fight to get him back.

    Just as they were discussing all these things,  someone knocked at the door. Ryan opened the door and he was surprised to see Williana there.

    She was carrying a few packets of food.

    "Hello everyone I know your work is important but no fight can be won with hungry stomach." She placed food packets on the table and started serving for everyone one by one.

    As they were all hungry so they left their work in between and picked up their plates.

    While eating,  Williana was surprised to see a lot of electric wires in the room so out of curiosity she asked, "What is the role of these wires? Are these wires going to help you in some way? "

    "with these wires Joe will form an electromagnetic field around this area so that external forces will not enter inside. " Edd explained while chewing his food.

    He licked his fingers and said, "Auntie Williana this food is too yummy. I want to kiss the person who prepared this tasty food."

    Williana started smiling and said, "Sorry Edd but I'm too old for you."

    "What?  Mom you prepared all this food by yourself? "Ruby asked

    "Yeah baby I am quite a good cook. you be with me for a while and I will teach you all my recipes so that you will also be a good cook like your mother. "

    "Of course mom I love to learn a few good recipes so that I can cook for Joe." Ruby said while looking lovingly towards Joe.

    Joe was busy with his work.  His full concentration was on his laptop,"Shit dammit this stupid network. " he cursed loudly without noticing that they all were talking about him.

    Sam came forward and asked, " What happened brother?  what is the issue? "

    "I am trying to find the DNA details of Priya's brother so that we will be able to know about his powers in detail but this country's national data is too secured. I have already hacked two layer protection but this third layer is too difficult to hack. I have been trying from past few hours but it's not working. "

    Joe started messaging his brows as his eyes were in pain because of continuous work.

    Ruby heart ached by seeing him in such a state.  she quickly sat beside his sofa and started messaging his head 🙆.

    Joe got up from sofa, he carried her like a princess in his arms and moved out of the room.

    "wuu meeting adjourned guys. Thanks to Ruby at least we can also sleep for some time because if we continue to work at Joe's speed then we will be dead before meeting our rivals."

    Edd said all these things while slipping under the blanket.

    "Now let me enjoy my kissable dreams. Come on all the beautiful girls, come in my dreams and I will kiss you kiss you. " He started snoring while speaking all these things.

    Priya was already in sleep in Ryan's arms.

    Williana also said bye and left the place.
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