90 New bus

    Joe put Ruby on the bed like a princess and then he hugged her. he closed his eyes and his head was resting on Ruby's shoulder.

    Ruby's heart ached when she saw him. He was acting like a high mountain for outsiders but now he is like a child who isso tired from outside world that he wanted to hide himself in her warm embrace.

    Ruby kissed him on his neck and then started moving her little fingers on his shoulders. She was applying balanced force on his tensed muscles to relax them.

    Joe's tightly stiffed muscle started loosen down and he started enjoying the Loveable treatment from Ruby.

    Joe kissed on Ruby's shoulder. His breath was hot that tickled on her ears, Ruby was blushing like a tomato, she had goosebumps all over her body.

    Joe's hands started to move and traced every section of her body.

    From her eyes

    to her lips

    to neck

    and further down and down

    every part of her body that was touched by him was scorching hot, intensifying the desire she felt for him.

    ruby released soft moans in pleasure as she started enjoying his touch on her body,  resulting in increasing the pace of his hands on her breasts.

    Joe twisted his body and positioned himself above her. he pressed his sexy body on her and captured her lips. he started sucking her lips. his tongue was exploring her mouth, twisting and playing with her tongue.

    He placed her wrists under her head with one hand while his other hand was busy in stroking the entrance below.

    He started kissing at her vertical lips.  Ruby moaned impulsively,  she kept on twisting and turning,  making her wiggle like a little worm. her waist could not help but follow the motion of his tongue.

    she was enjoying the strokes of his fingers when he inserted his little third leg inside her and she reached her climax.

    This couple always enjoy each others company with sensuous activities.

    Ruby was feeling tired after this intense work out so she fell asleep on his arms.

    Joe was caresing her beautiful face when he saw a metallic covered book on his table that was bought by ruby.

    ..... ... ..... ... ... .... .... .....

    Next day,  early in the morning, all the students gathered at the hotel reception. Being the first day of their educational trip, everyone was feeling very excited.

    They planned for a tracking schedule in the morning and visits to a few historical monuments in the evening.

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    Exactly at nine o clock,  a white coloured bus entered the parking area if the hotel.  Everyone was happily loading their tracking luggage on the bus when driver announced that their is a problem in the bus engine so they will not go anywhere today.

    All the happy faces now fell downwards after hearing that. Ryan being their guide didn't want to spoil the whole programme so he contacted hotel manager and arranged a new bus for them.

    Students were now happy as hotel manager has organized a big luxurious bus for them. When driver saw the bus,  he requested Ryan to tie his small bus with big one, so that it can be dragged easily to the nearest repair shop.

    Ryan agreed to his request and everyone happily boarded the bus. 🚌

    After covering a distance of about ten minutes, a big bam kind of sound came and driver stopped the bus with a screeching sound.
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