92 Maku

    Edd bought a water bottle for her and Sam carried her in his arms, they called the doctor immediately and shifted her to the hospital immediately.

    inside the hospital, Joe was sitting beside Ruby. She was still unconscious. Care and sadness can be easily seen on Joe's face. He was feeling nervous while waiting for Doctor Who went outside to collect the reports of tests that he just performed on Ruby.

    Ryan came inside and asked Joe to follow him outside as he has something important to discuss with him.  Joe didn't want to leave her alone but he understands the severity of the situation now. So with heavy heart he kissed ruby on her forehead and moved out with Ryan.

    Ryan was moving out of the corridor with large steps and Joe was following him in the same way. Sam, Edd, Tiya and little Priya were already standing outside waiting for both of them.

    Ryan took out the metallic covered book from a small bag and said, "Ruby gave me this book in the morning when we were waiting for the bus. I studied it thoroughly and finally I want to share a few things with you all. "

    All of them were equally curious to know about their powers, about the door to negativity and about the book. So without wasting any time, Edd asked, "What you got from this book???  Tell us fast. "

    Ryan was about to say something when a dog came out of nowhere and jumped on Ryan. it snatched the book from Ryan's hand and ran towards the jungle.

    Ryan tried to grab that dog but dog was fast enough to hide inside the dark jungle.

    Sam,  Edd, Tiya, little Priya and Joe also started following him.

    Inside the dark jungle,  every thing was quite dark, it was so quiet that they were able to listen their own heart beats.

    Suddenly a big lion came and jumped on Edd, Edd immediately teleported and vanished from that place, lion got frustrated after loosing it's target so easily. Next it aimed at Ryan but Ryan hit him hard and throw him away.

    Lion missed it's target for four to five times, next it aimed towards Little Priya finding her a easily target but Priya formed a protective shield around the lion and throw the ball of protection shield far away from that place.

    All of them were on alert mode and Sam was holding Tiya tightly in his embrace.

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    After about a second,  nearly hundreds of animals including lions,  wolfs,  elephants, tigers all of them came together and started attacking on their group.

    Everyone started fighting by using their powers to the fullest.  Sam was using rays from his eyes to kill them.

    Little Priya had hold one tiger in her protection shield when another one attacked her from back.

    Edd instantly came and teleported her near Joe where Joe has created a big cyclone of air around him so that animals will not enter inside and those animals who were trying to enter got merged with cyclone and started moving in air.

    Ryan saw a shadow behind a mountain,  it seems like the person standing there was the one who is controlling all these animals.

    Ryan gave a signal to Sam so that he adjust his eyes rays towards the person but when Sam moved his eyes.

    Little Priya started shouting,"Stop Stop.!!!!  Don't do that.  That's Muku. that's my brother wait wait. "
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