97 Crying

    Tiya was surprised to see Adi but then without saying anything she quickly sit inside the car.

    Adi was happy to see Tiya.

    "I went to your hotel yesterday but you were not there. Where have you been ? " Adi asked with an authority.

    Tiya was sitting quietly but she was surprised to see the way Adi was asking questions to her

    "I went out for a walk but then I lost my way." Tiya replied without looking towards him.

    "Ohhh that jungle is like a big meander. Almost everyone who goes there lost their way. That's why no one goes there. Don't worry from now on if you want to go anywhere I will accompany you." Adi shaked her head lovingly.

    Tiya asked him for his car batterycharger, so that she can switch on her phone that was now running out of battery due to continuously calling Sam since morning.

    the moment her phone was switched on,  she firstly checked for any message from Sam and then tried his number once again, but the result was again same. His phone was again out of coverage area.

    With a sad look on her face, Tiya asked Adi to drop her at the hospital where Ruby was admitted.

    Adi wants to accompany her to the hospital but she denied and promised him that she will meet him next day.

    ..... ..... .... ..... ..... ...... .......

    inside the hospital 🏥

    "Auntie Williana, how is Ruby now?  Where is she?  I want to talk to her right now. " Tiya asked all these without taking a breath.

    "Tiya!!  where were you since yesterday? "

    "Auntie I will tell you all the things in detail after some time but firstly I want to see Ruby.  Please tell me where is she? "

    "Tiya during Ruby's diagnosis, doctors find out that she has been suffering from a deadly disease, so doctors immediately transfered her to another country for better treatment so that the disease can be cured immediately. "

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    On hearing all this,  Tiya was on the verge of crying. Firstly Sam has gone missing and now this news about Ruby.

    Tiya left the hospital with Williana after clearing hospital dues.

    She immediately rushed towards hotel so that she can meet Joe and ask him about Sam,  but to her surprise, Joe, Edd, Ryan....  no one was there in the hotel and when she asked other students about them,  answer was same from everyone, no one has any idea about them.

    Tiya came back to her room, she switched on the lights and closed the door,  then she sat by the side of door, she hide her face inbetween her legs and started crying 😭

    she was crying loudly. her tears were ruining her beautiful face. she cried for whole night. Her eyes were swollen red and when the sun was about to come she fell asleep at the same place.
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