103 Torture

    Somewhere in an unknown country.

    A young man, after making passionate love with her lover inside a cave,he helped his lover in wearing her clothes.

    After hugging her for a few minutes,  he moved outside the cave and in that very moment a white light flickered across him and he was caught in a tornado from where coming back to life is not possible. He wants to go back.  go back to his lover. He was trying to run back to the cave

    when someone splashed a bucket full of water on his beautiful face and said, "Wake up, it's time to do some work. "

    Sam tried to open his eyes slowly but still he was not able to see anything as his eyes were blindfolded with a thick metallic band. His beautifully innocent looking face is still the same but the red and blue marks and bruises makes it difficult to recognize him in a single look.

    He was lying lifelessly on the icy cold ground that makes him shiver and the colour of his body is changed to white because of the coldness.  It seemed like blood has been drained out of his body.

    The person who splashed water on his face now hit him hard on his stomach with his pointed leather boots 👢.  The force applied by him was so high that Sam puked a mouthful of blood on the ground.

    Sam's knees were loosing it's strength and he wants to lie down on the ground but the iron strings which were tied on his arms, were too strong to break.

    That man was enjoying his condition as he hit him hardly once again

    "Bastard!!!! " Sam cursed loudly "Just pray to God that I will die here because if I get to move out of here anytime I will make sure that I will return this favour if I survive."

    "Hahahahaha" The man started laughing like crazy, "You son of a bitch. You are going to die soon and still you have the courage to say all this? I will kill you now and here but that will be an easy end for you.  For now You just enjoy this special service. "

    He hit Sam again but this time he used more power than before, "Rascal, why you want to end up yourself like this. Now I am giving you one more chance just accept our proposal and live happily. "

    "No matter how much you will torture me,  I will never ever accept that. " Sam shouted in anger but inwardly he was praying, "Brother Joe please come and save me.  You promised that we will fight together but now where are you? "

    (Little did he know that Joe's condition is even worse than him)

    Andrew beat Sam continuously for three long hours and then left the place with angry expression.

    (it's more like a daily routine for him from past few months to use Sam as his punching bag for two to three hours everyday )

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