104 Ryans fate

    Meanwhile somewhere in the same unknown country, Inside a luxurious suite in an A star hotel.

    Maku was lying naked on the comfortable bed and Lekini(young beautiful girl in her early twenties)  was resting on his chest. a thin cover was covering her naked body up-to her beautiful breasts, perfectly displaying her sexy collar bone and the tiny drops of sweat on their faces is giving the hint of vigrousness that they showed during their intimate sexual activity.

    Lekini : "I love you Maku." she said while placing a light kiss on his right cheek, "can I ask you something? "

    Maku: "Hmm"

    Lekini : "Do you think that being on his side will benefit us? "

    Maku:" I know what you are thinking but right now we can't stay against him. I have seen the condition of those three (Joe,  Edd and Sam)  and I really don't want to see you and Priya to have the same fate as of them, that's the only reason why I decided to be on his side. "

    Lekini: "Do you think that others will be able to survive or he will kill them just like he killed Ryan? "

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    Maku: "I wish they will compromise with him but alas all three of them are as stubborn as hell and they will never care about their own lives."

    Lekini:"I think  He will keep them alive till he will accomplish his objective and after that I don't know what fate has written for them"

    Lekini slept on his chest while talking.  In her dreams she saw a terrible incident that she witnessed a few days ago.

    (Ryan was hanging over an artificial lake full of crocodiles, his whole body was covered with blood, his whole body is having cut marks on it.

    With a single gesture from Andrew, the rope that was tied on his hands dropped off and Ryan's feet touched the water,  where hungry crocodiles were already waiting with their mouth open.

    the moment his feet reached their,  the biggest crocodile moved it's tail and it's sharp teeth penetrate inside Ryan's legs. The pain he felt was unbearable but Ryan still had same expression on his face. he was not ready to negotiate with them at any cost.  The rope was pulled back and again like before he was hanging in the air, The only difference is that in place of his left leg only blood can be seen.

    "Ryan this is your one and last chance, just think about it carefully." Andrew is now irritated with Ryan's continuous refusals and he also want to end this as soon as possible.

    "I have already given my reply to you,  no matter how much you will torture me but I will never tell you the location of holy book (book with metallic cover that was given to Ryan by Ruby)"

    In the next second after hearing this reply for Ryan,  the rope was cut off and Ryan fell into the water.  There were big ripples inside the water as crocodiles were tearing apart the parts of Ryan's body,  the colour of water turned red like a pool of blood. it was such a horrible scene.

    Lekini got up in terror,  she was sweating profusely and black lines of fear and tension are easily visible on her face.

    Maku knows her so well that just by looking at her in such a condition, he knows what has happened with her.

    He hugged her tightly and said, "Don't worry I will resolve everything.  Trust me. "
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