105 Tiyas restauran

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    Tiya's mom was working in her restaurant, being a holiday,  rush inside the restaurant was more than usual.

    Tiya decided to join Mrs.  Aka in her work just to share her burden.

    "Adi, today I will go to the restaurant with mom so that I can help her in work."

    "What kind of work you want to do there?  Serving, cleaning or dish washing? " he asked with a sarcastic tone.

    Tiya was able to understand the meaning of his words but she ignored his sarcastic questions and replied seriously,"of course I will do all of them. I don't rely on others for my own works."

    "Okay then I will also join you today" he replied while yawning as if he someone is forcing him to do so.

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    "No need you stay here at home and have some rest. I will come back in a couple of hours." Tiya tried to reject him firmly.

    But Adi ignored her words and started getting ready,"Just wait for me outside I will come in five minutes." he said while putting on his shirt.

    Tiya felt a headache coming as she was not able to do anything,  she can't find courage to deny him.

    ... ... .... .... ... .... ..... ....

    in the restaurant

    Mrs Aka was surprised to see Adi there in the restaurant.

    "O child why you come along with Tiya?  You should have stayed at home to rest properly. " Mrs.  Aka suggested in a caring tone.

    "it's OK auntie I love to help as long as I learn how not to rely on others. " Adi replied with a sinister smirk on his face.

    Both Tiya and Adi worked for the whole day in the restaurant in complete sync. They both were serving dishes like professionals. coordination amongst them is so high that visitors/ customers were looking at them like its a pair of newly weds who are so much in love.

    The whole tiring day went off smoothly without a hitch. Mrs.  Aka told both of them to go back to their house, as she has to go to nearest super market to purchase some necessary items for tomorrow.

    Adi accepted her request quickly and he left the place with Tiya.

    ... ..... ... ..... ...... ....

    Outside the restaurant

    Inside the parking lot, Adi was busy in searching for his car keys in his pockets  when he realized something. He turned around to see what is happening.

    He was surprised to see a group of four to five boy's were coming towards them.  From the looks it seemed like,  they are either drunk or under the influence of some drug.
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