106 Run away

    He was surprised to see a group of four to five boy's were coming towards them.  From the looks it seemed like,  they are either drunk or under the influence of some drug.

    "Hey sexy, do you want to have some fun?" one of the boy asked while wrapping his arms around Tiya's waistline.

    Tiya was shocked to see a boy standing by her side in such a position.

    She immediately reacted and kicked him to push him away from herself.

    Boy fell down on the ground, he had not expected that Tiya will be so powerful to knock him out so easily

    "Bitch how dare you to kick me? " he shouted at Tiya.

    Other team members were started to see this sudden turn of events, one of them helped their partner to get up while others jumped towards Tiya.

    Adi who was standing dumbfounded near the car,  tried to stop them. he kicked one boy and jumped towards the other car from where he managed to grab an iron rod.

    Tiya was also on alert mode now. She kicked another boy who was approaching towards her.

    Just as her kick was about to land on the boys face.

    Thaaa...  Thaaa...  Thaaa...

    There were three continuous fire shots in the fire.

    Both Tiya and Adi felt stupefied to see that these boys are having guns with them and they are courageous enough to use guns in broad daylight.

    He immediately pointed the gun towards Tiya, "Slut you dare to kick our friend.  Now you have to pay for your deed. Be ready."

    Just as he was about to pull the trigger of his gun,  other team mate made a gesture and told him to stop, with a sinister smile he said, "Brother what's the fun in killing such a beauty so easily.  I think we should have some fun with her before sending her to heavens."

    one of them locked Adi on the floor while other two hold Tiya and started dragging her towards their car.

    Tiya was struggling to get out of this situation, she tried to bite on the hand of boy who was holding her but he retilate and in return slapped her hardly. it was too hard that a thin layer of blood came out from the corner of her lips.

    At that very moment Adi used all his power and pushed the boy who was holding her,  after that he picked the iron rod and attacked directly on his head, the boy screamed loudly."Aaahhhh"

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    On hearing his screams,  other team members came forward to help him.

    In between the chaos, Adi ran towards his car, started the engine and speed up. Tiya thought he will leave her alone but to her surprise, he turned his car picked her up and ran away
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