107 Proposal

    Tiya thought he will leave her alone but to her surprise, he turned his car picked her up and ran away.

    on reaching their home,  both of them took a breath of relief.

    "Ah damn those bastards." Tiya cursed in frustration.

    Adi looked at her and then he came closer to her, after that he hugged Tiya and said, "Calm down sweetie, it's not their fault."

    "huh?? " Tiya looked at him in confusion

    Adi used perfect seductive voice and said,"you are so beautiful that no one can resist the temptation to eat you. Sometimes even I find it hard to control myself, so how can I blame them."

    Adi leaned over and tried to capture her lips but Tiya moved away. She knows what he want and this is not the first time Adi took initiative to enhance the sweetness of their relationship but every time Tiya was able to excuse herself.

    Adi knows that she will not give herself to him so easily and she wants to keep herself away from any intimate relationship before her marriage but still he tried his luck one more time and the outcome this time is as futile as ever.

    Adi gritted his teeth and in mind he promised himself that one day or other Tiya will be mine.

    He was smiling on his own thoughts when he remembered something and said, "Ohh I can I forgot such an important thing? "

    Tiya: "What important thing? "

    Adi: "Well I have a surprise for you. "

    Then Adi kneeled down on the ground, and took out a small box from his pocket.

    Tiya felt starled to see a beautiful diamond ring inside the box.

    "I love the way you look

    I love the way you talk

    I love the way you walk

    I love the way you eat

    I love the way you sleep

    I love ...

    I love....

    I love...

    I love each and every day that I spend with you.

    I've loved you since the moment I met you and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life,

    Please accept this ring Tiya and be mine forever."

    Tiya was standing like a statue on the ground, there were no expressions on her face, her eyes were filled with tears that are about to fall anytime.

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    Adi felt awkward to see Tiya's reaction, he was getting impatient  when he heard a loud scream from the back, "O my God what a lovely ring it is. Look Tiya liked the ring so much that she forgot to say Yes." Mrs.  Aka explained the situation with a happy heart.

    Adi felt relieved hearing Mrs.  Aka's words. He smiled and put the ring in Tiya's ring finger.

    "O I am so happy today, I will go and prepare something sweet to celebrate." Mrs. Aka left both of them alone.

    Adi hold Tiya's hands and he was about to say something when his phone started ringing, he excused himself and moved out to attend her mother's call so that he can inform her about the good news.

    Just as Adi moved out, with a loud Thudd sound,  Tiya fell on the ground.

    Her whole world was spinning around she was not in a position to do anything, Tiya started crying loudly and in between her sobs she was saying, "Please come back.  Where are you Sam?  Sob..  sob...  where are you? "

    .... ..... ..... .... ... .... ... ...

    Mean while in the unknown country,

    Andrew along with his two more partners, after doing their daily boxing practice gathered in a room.

    "Today we are summoned by holy seer." Andrew announced with a serious expression

    "Dammit ..... they have given us enough time but due these three bastards are too hard to crack." another one said in frustration.

    "I am afraid, we are unable to fulfill our task. Holy seer will definitely punish us." third one interjected with sad expression.

    "What so ever it is. we have to accept that. Now let's go. "

    The three of them left, leaving behind Sam,  Joe and Edd in a miserable condition. Moreover they are unaware about each others presence in the same place.
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