110 Maku and Sam

    Sshhh.... "Maku put his hands on Sam's mouth and said "Be quiet I told you this building is motion sensitive, a little movement and alarms will get activated and we both will never ever get out of here. "

    Sam's was not able to believe Maku,"it can be a trap." he muttered to himself and refused to go out with him.

    "If you don't want to trust me than that's your choice but remember that this is the only chance we have in our hands." Maku extended his hand towards Sam.

    Sam thought for a while and then said, "If I stay here then these people will kill me one day or other and if he betray me than also the results will be same. so it's good to follow him as I have nothing to loose. " he then shaked hand with Maku and asked him,"Why you want to help me?  and why you want to betray your master? "

    "He is not my master. I was following his orders just to show him my loyalty towards him so that I will get to know what is he planning to do?" Maku explained.

    "Do you know his plan now?  and who is this person?  Have you ever met him? "

    "No,  I have never seen him and I have heard that no one has ever seen him. I don't know about his real plan but one thing I am sure is he wants to use our energy stars to rule this world."

    Sam was shocked to hear this but he again asked,"But why they are keeping me as a hostage?  If he needs six energy stars then he need to find others as well. "

    "Others are also here. "

    Sam's eyes remained wide opened on hearing that Edd,  Joe and Priya are also in the same position.

    "Maku how did you got to know about this place and more over we know about only five stars till now,  who is the sixth one? " Sam asked with curiosity

    "My girlfriend Lekini, who is Edd's cousin was kidnapped at the time she was born. From past twenty years she was raised in the monastery by monk's.  She got to know about this plan when she accidentally heard conversation between two old monks. They wanted to kill her at that very time but she ran away from here and that's when we both met, we know that we will not be able to survive if they find us so we both came here by ourselves and started acting as their followers."

    After revealing a few more important things to Sam,  they both entered in the small path way near ventilator to another room where they saw Joe.

    Joe's condition was ever more pathetic than Sam, nails were pinched on both of his hands, his face was covered with black cloth and nails of his toes were removed.

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    They have used extreme torture practices on him.  Just by looking at him,  Sam forget about his own pain and started helping him to remove those painful nails from his hands.
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