111 Dont leave him

    They have used extreme torture practices on him.  Just by looking at him,  Sam forget about his own pain and started helping him to remove those painful nails from his hands.

    "Joe... Joe...  wake up brother"Sam was calling Joe to wake him up but he was unconscious.

    Sam took a glass of water and throw it on Joe's face. Joe opened his eyes slowly.

    Sam was happy to see him, "Brother are you OK?  See I am here, we will go out of here now" Sam was saying all this without realizing that Joe had again lost his consciousness.

    When Sam looked at him again he yelled,"Brother...  Brother please wake up...  wake up....  we have to go now. "

    Maku put his hands on Sam's shoulder and said, "Sam we have to leave him here. We can't take him along with us."

    Sam looked towards Maku and said, "What if Priya is there in place of Joe? Will you leave her alone in such a condition?"

    "Sam this is not Priya it's Joe and we are not going to leave him alone. Firstly we will get out of here and afterwards we will come back with full preparation to take Joe along with us." Maku tried to convince Sam.

    "Sorry but I can't leave him alone. " Sam rejected him firmly and carried  Joe on his back like a sack. He then gestured Maku to move ahead.

    Very slowly and carefully,  they reached on another floor where they have kept Edd. Unlike Joe and Sam,  Edd was not having any injury or bruises on his body,  He was standing quietly with his eyes closed. When Sam and Maku approached him,  he opened his eyes and was surprised to see them.

    Sam was happy to see Edd, so he quickly rushed towards him but at that very moment Edd shouted,"STOP....  don't come here. "

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    Sam stopped immediately after hearing his warning.

    "This whole room is filled with ultra violet electromagnetic rays." Sam was not expecting this kind of thing here but after warning he immediately stepped back and asked Edd for his assistance.

    Sam put Joe down and then started following instructions given by Edd.
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