112 Saved Edd

    Sam put Joe down and then started following instructions given by Edd.

    "Sam I can see these UV rays but it's not easy to surpass them in case you will touch them even slightly, you will be dead and you can't use your powers also, this whole building has motion sensors,  the moment you will use your powers, alarm will start ringing .  so it will be better if you will leave me here. "

    "No ways....  I am not going anywhere leaving you alone" Sam denied his request and said, "Now just guide me,  so that I can easily reach you.

    Move two steps right then jump

    Now take one step and cross the wave

    Turn ninety degree and bend

    Now move five steps.





    He continue to give lots of such instructions, Slowly and carefully, Sam reached the middle of the room.

    "Sam those rays were scattered before but from here the network of these rays is very dense.  It's really going to be difficult." Edd explained

    "Don't worry I will take care....  Stop wasting time and tell me where should I go now." Sam said while maintaining his balance in between those deadly rays.

    OK then now jump forward on your toes.

    Sam was doing as Edd was instructing him, but the moment he jumped, his balance was lost and instead of landing on his toes,  Sam landed on his ankles. But very quickly without falling down, he jumped again and this time he landed properly.

    Finally after a struggle of about twenty minutes, Edd was now free.

    Edd helped Sam to carry Joe on his back and then the trio along with Maku left the building.

    Very easily they got their way out of the building, they crossed first gate without any hindrance, to cross the second gate was as easy as the first one and it looks same with the third gate also that was supposed to be the last one.

    The moment they opened the third gate,  they were expecting themselves to be out of this place but to their surprise,  after enter the third gate,  they found themselves in a monastery.

    ... .... ..... ...... ...... .......

    Meanwhile at Tiya's place,

    Every thing was looking fabulous, Adi and Mrs.  Aka were sitting on the sofa with sample cards in their hands while Tiya was cooking pan cakes in the kitchen.

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    "Tiya come here,  see Adi had selected two invitation cards for guests at your engagement party. Now you come here and select one out of these two as final decision should be yours. " Mrs Aka said while laughing.

    Tiya came out of the kitchen and without even looking at the cards,  she just picked up one and said, "This one is OK. "

    Both Adi and Mrs.  Aka were so happy that they didn't notice the tinge of sadness on Tiya's face.
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