116 Lekini

    Sam,  Joe, Edd and Maku were chatting happily and two little  monks were looking at them with shining eyes. They both were curious to know who are these special guests but they were unable to understand as they don't understand the language Sam and others were using.

    Sam waved towards them and with gestures he said, "Boys you are looking so adorable."

    Both the boys smiled and responded with the same gesture to tell Sam that he is also looking handsome.

    Maku, who was watching all this smiled and said, "No need to use this sign language like deaf and dumb. I understand both the language so I can help."

    Sam looked towards Maku and said, "Do you really understand their language? "

    "Yeah I do,  although I am not so good in speaking but still I can understand a bit. My girlfriend Lekini taught that to me."

    On hearing the same name again. Sam looked towards Edd and asked, "Bro Edd do you have any younger sister? "

    "My sister?  why are you asking that? " Edd asked in confusion

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    Sam: "I am asking this because I know where she is. "

    Edd didn't know how to react on hearing such a thing, "w.. what??  you know my sister and you know where is she?  Is she actually alive?  someone has taken her away just when she was born. From past eighteen years no one know anything about her. So how you know about her? "

    "My girlfriend Lekini she is your sister" Maku said with a faint smile, "She is also one amongst us. She also has that power star inside her like us. "

    "The one who wants to open the door to negativity knows about us from the very starting and he wants to keep all of us at his side from the very starting but he was not able to reach us. Years ago when he got the chance, he kidnapped Lekini."

    Edd's eyes were filled with tears on hearing about his sister, "Can I meet her now? " he asked

    "Yes yes off course. After this full moon celebrations, tomorrow morning at first we will go and take Lekini and Priya along with us and then we will go back to our respective  home countries. "

    They all were having tears of joy in their eyes,  then they looked towards the little monks and asked them about tonight's celebrations.

    "Tonight's celebrations are most important for us.  Full moon gives us strength, wealth and prosperity. Every year we celebrate this festival with full zeal and enthusiasm but this year it is more special than ever because this year our Lord Master is very happy." Little monks explained with smiling faces.

    ..... ... ... ... ... ....

    At Tiya's place

    Tiya tried to contact each and every person who is directly or indirectly in contact with Sam, but after so many trials the response that she got was always same.

    No one knows about him,  no one knows where he has been.

    She was so depressed, all her nights were filled either with horrible nightmares or with tears while in the morning she follow Adi and her mother for the preparations of her engagement party like a lifeless doll.
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