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    Sam and others happily followed old monk without any doubt on his purpose to take them to sacred place.

    They started walking towards the direction where others were also going.  The more they walk,  the voices of sacred prayers become louder and closer.

    When they reached at the place,  it was a different level of worshipping that normal people can never imagin,  Inside a big hall thousands of monks were worshiping a big statue made of gold.  The statue was grand of approximately ten feet height and the various  sculptures around that statue were also perfectly carved.

    Joe and Edd were busy in analyzing the surroundings while Sam was thinking of organizing such a grand festival at his country also, but Maku's expressions were entirely different from others,  the moment he saw what was happening, his face become pale as colour has been drained out of his face,  chills run down his spine and his whole back was drenched in cold sweat.

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    He immediately grabbed Sam's shirt and pulled him back towards him but alas his actions were too late to warn anyone.

    Just as Sam looked back towards Maku, all the monks started making a sound by moving their hands up and down and the big grand statue opened displaying a dark red beam of light. The light was too intense that one gets blind if they look directly into it so, everyone just put their heads down displaying their honour towards the source of light.

    Before Sam and others could think what was happening, a black shadow appeared out of red light. Maku's whole body started trembling with fear as his instincts told him that the only fear of his life is now standing in front of him..

    Sam, Joe and Edd all three looked towards Maku and without saying anything they hold each others hands.

    They were on alert mode now. Joe was about to make a move when the red light faded away and the shadow was now clearly seen, a demon like face bulge on someone's body moved his nose and in a creepy tone he said, "Ahh Ahh....  The saviors are here. The great energy stars who are destined to save the world are here.  Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha. It will be my pleasure to destroy you all.  hehehehehehe."

    Joe: "Who are you? "

    Master : "Me? " in a sarcastic creepy tone he replied,"I am your death Hahahahahaha Well well you can say it in the other way I am the one who is going to rule the whole world,  I am the king...  Hahahahahaha king of evil powers,  king of badness, king of everything. "

    Edd spat mouthful of blood hearing such an explanation and said,"You are not even having your own body and you are dreaming to rule the whole world by killing us?  How nave you are? "

    Just as Edd said those words,  Sam and Joe were ready to attack but Master moved his nose again and said, "wait wait wait...  Oh little kiddos before using your powers just have a look at the special gifts that I personally picked for you all"

    Their eyes remained wide opened with what they saw.

    "Stopppppp" is all what Joe yelled at the top of his lungs with eyes full of tears
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