120 Hug me

    "Now come and sit here" Master ordered them in a threatening tone

    Sam and others followed the orders without any hesitation.

    Ruby was feeling pity, she knows that Master has used her as a bait to reel all of them but she was unable to do anything.

    Just as Sam, Edd, Maku and Joe sat at their respective seats,  they noticed that there were two more seat that are still vacant. Maku let out a sigh of relief as he knew that without Lekini and Priya, Master's mission can not be accomplished and he had hidden both of them in a place where Master can't reach them easily.

    Sadly his thoughts were proven wrong, master again moved his nose and in the split of a second,  Lekini and Priya appeared out of nowhere and a monk dragged them towards their seats.

    Lekini was struggling not to be dragged while Priya was unconscious. Lekini was trying her best to move out of that monk's clutches but when she saw Maku was also there,  she lost all her hopes and she also stopped struggling.

    "Hahahahahaha....  Good decision my Lekini.  You know me from the very starting but still you dare to betray me.??????

    I am impressed....  hehehehehehe.

    I am really really impressed. I have raised you. I took care of you and still you betray me?  you traitor!!!!  Now I will show what you will get by joining them. They all will be finished and you will also accompany them to hell." Master said in his creepy voice.

    Lekini spat mouthful of blood by hearing such words from Master, and she said, "you raised me for your own benefits, you are calling me a traitor but look at yourself, who are you?  you are no more less than a beggar who survived by begging others powers. "

    Master was annoyed by hearing such words from Lekini but he doesn't want to waste more time,  so he asked his followers to start the process of taking energy stones from their bodies.

    Andrew brought two similar looking books and placed them in front of Master. Master opened those books and started reading a mantra from those books.

    Just as he read first few lines,  Sam asked, "Are we going to die after this?"

    Master: "huuu Hahaha I am glad to see you with fear of death and I don't want to waste such a fearful feeling. Off course I will kill you all once my wish is fulfilled and I promise I will give you a very very tortures death. I hope you will enjoy that."

    Sam: "if we all are going to die,  then I have a last death wish. You are going to rule the whole world now and a good emperor is one who listens to all his people so I think you should also do the same to become a popular ruler. "

    Master thought about what Sam just said to him and he agreed on Sam's request,"OK!! tell me what you want to do before going to hell?"

    Sam: "I want to give a last hug to my friends before death. "

    Joe and others were shocked to listen such an awkward request and they looked towards Sam almost at the same time.

    Sam got up from his place and slowly moved towards Ruby,  he hugged her and said take care of yourself, in return Ruby also hugged him back.

    Others were looking at both of them with confused looks but only Joe got the gist what was happening.

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    Only Ruby has studied that book before and she must have some trick up her sleeve, the moment she got the chance she gestured Sam with her eyes,  Sam understand her and he used last death wish as an excuse to go near Ruby.

    After some time, he went near Joe, Edd,  Maku to hug them and he also hugged Lekini and Priya as well.
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