121 Finally over

    Somewhere in country A, inside a luxurious suite two people were lying naked on a bed.

    The girl got up from the bed while covering her naked body with the help of a bed sheet, she went straight way towards the room bar and started preparing drinks, she then handover one glass to the man and while sipping alcohol  from her own glass she asked in a seductive voice, "Darling you promised me that we will go on a honeymoon after your work but why is it taking so much time?"

    "Don't worry Shirbie, I will definitely fulfill my promise once this work is finished..... " after saying a few more words the boy kissed the girl and then left the hotel suite in a hurry.

    .... .... ... .... ..... ..... ... ..

    In monastery

    After hugging everyone, Sam sat down at his place and Master continued reading holy mantras from first book.

    All his followers as well as great saviors (Edd,  Joe,  Sam,  Maku,  Lekini and Priya)  were sitting quietly with their heads down when a red beam of light produced by Master ignited sacred fire in the middle of the worship hall.

    Master sat at one end of the fire while saviors sat at the opposite place facing towards Master.

    Master started putting some holy things that were prearranged by his followers inside the fire while reading holy mantras from the books.

    #yilla allulah siyadh bakshism fakusa

    yilla allulah siyadh bakshism fakusa

    yilla allulah siyadh bakshism fakusa#

    He was praying to the God of evil powers that he wants God to open the door of negativity for him,  so that evil powers will rule this whole world and all the people will worship only God of Evil powers.

    After worshipping for almost five to six hours, Master gestured to one of his follower with his nose,  the follower understood what his master was demanding, he immediately nooded his head and rushed out of the hall. After some time,  he came back.

    in his hands he was holding a small little calf.

    Maku's heart skipped a beat when he saw that little calf that was Priya's best friend.

    Priya's eyes were also filled with tears, she was so small but she understands the severity of the situation, she looked at the calf lovingly and then she closed her eyes and her fists tightly because she doesn't want to see what was going to happen now.

    When little calf saw Priya, it had a smiling shine in his eyes, he was looking towards her happily when the follower cut off his neck with a big knife.

    In a second his body fell down on the ground lifelessly, the follower picked up calf's body and put it in the fire.

    intensity of the fire was amplified displaying the happiness of God towards Master.

    It was dark night and just as the full moon appeared in the sky,  the darkness was overcome with shining white light of the moon.

    Master looked at the transparent roof of the hall and closed his eyes, he muttered a few more mantras and at that time,  Power stones inside the saviors ignited.

    White beams of lights came out of saviors bodies and scattered towards the west,  Master was happily laughing loudly.

    "Hahahahahaha now I will rule the world, No one can stop me. I will become the new God" Master was thinking inwardly.

    The power of those lights was too much that it created a big cyclone in that place, every thing started moving and because of force,  no one was able to see anything except Master and Saviors.

    Master was happy to think that now the door to negativity is about to open but to his surprise,  another beam of light appeared out of Sam's body and it got scattered towards the west.

    The beams of lights that were produced earlier were too powerful but the new beam of light that appeared from Sam's body was even more powerful than that, in comparison the thickness was about hundred times more than that of the previous one and the cyclone created by this light was so big that it can't be described.

    Master's eyes were wide open when he saw what was happening,  his face became red with anger and his mind was not able to process what was happening in front of him.

    Just as the door to negativity was about to open,  the force created in the east intensified to an unimaginable level and a door to positivity opened that causes so much pressure that door to negativity closed again.

    Once the door to negativity closed, the pressure doesn't lower down.

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    Sam and Joe ran towards Ruby while Joe and Edd helped Priya and Lekini and they all hide at a corner.

    Just as they reached at a safe spot,  the beam of light created pressure that pushed the bodies of Master and his followers. Some of them tried to resist and some tried to run away but the pressure was too much that their internal organs burst out of their bodies. It was a deadly sight blood and body parts were scattered in the whole place and everything was messed up.

    Once master was dead,  holy fire stopped immediately and the pressure was also reduced, white light faded away and door to positivity closes automatically.
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