122 Lets go

    Once master was dead,  holy fire stopped immediately and the pressure was also reduced, white light faded away and door to positivity closed automatically.

    Saviors took a sigh of relief and once they confirmed that the pressure is now decreased to a level that is not harmful for them,  they moved out of the corners where they were hiding previously.

    Maku immediately put his hands on Priya's eyes so that she will not see the things that were lying in front of them. He then embraced her and coax her so that she can sleep.

    The scene in front of them was so pathetic that no one wants to witness such a thing in his entire life. The whole area was filled with blood, pieces of flesh was lying every where,  some naked bodies which are opened up and their internal parts are visible were lying lifelessly.

    Ruby's condition was no less than that of Priya, she was holding it for so long but the moment she saw a body whose brain was opened she was not able to control herself and she vomited there,  she started crying.

    Seeing her in such a state,  Joe hugged her tightly and with his hands he cleaned her face then he lovingly placed his hands on her stomach.

    Ruby was not able to say anything because the feeling of Joe touching her baby was more than any happiness  that she wanted in her life.

    Maku was now carrying Priya while Lekini was standing in between Edd and Maku. Edd put his hands on Lekini's shoulder. Tears were filled in her eyes but she controlled herself and hugged him.

    Sam was happily watching all of them, he was missing Tiya as well as his family.

    Sam: "Hurry up guys,  we need to leave this place as soon as possible. Although master is dead now but his other followers are still in this monastery."

    Others also agreed to his suggestions and they moved towards towards the exit. As soon as they opened the door, they saw a huge number of monks standing in front of them, this was something that they were already expecting but to their surprise, the person who was leading those monks was none other than Williana (Ruby's mother)

    Williana: "You people have killed our master but you can't get out of here. We will not allow any one of you to go back. Our community is destined to rule the whole world  and you have to give us your powers for that. "

    Ruby moved out of Joe's embrace,  she went close to Williana and said, "I trusted you. I thought you are my mother so I loved you but you betrayed me. You broke my trust." she then moved towards Joe and said," No need to leave them,  they are the blood,  flesh and minds of Master.  Although Master is dead now but his thoughts,  his beliefs,  his ideas,  everything is still alive. it's alive in these monks. If we leave them today,  then who knows after a few years one more master will come.

    Just as Ruby stopped talking, monks were ready to attack them but a single ray of light from Sam's eyes was enough to burn everyone standing in front of them.

    In just a second,  all the people standing were converted into ashes.

    Joe looked towards Sam and put his hands on Sam's shoulder. He knows that Sam is light hearted and although he has killed so many people but he will blame himself for such a destructive behavior.

    Sam : "Brother I have absorbed energy from you all when I hugged you but I am not able to keep it inside me anymore and moreover I want to live peacefully like others so I am going to take out my power stone ."

    Joe :"I also don't want to live such a life. I want to live happily with my Ruby,  so I will also take it out. "

    Maku,  Lekini,  Edd and Priya also joined them and they also removed power stones from their body, and destroyed them happily.

    After all this, Sam requested others to leave this place as he wants to go back and meet Tiya. He was smiling at himself when he thought about how Tiya is going to react when he will meet her.

    Little did he know that at Tiya's place,  the situation is not as good as he was expecting.

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