124 Diamond ring

    Sam requested that funny looking truck driver to help him reach the airport so that they can board the first plane.

    Truck driver asked, "why you are in a rush boy?  Seems like your girlfriend is running away and you want to catch her Hahahahahaha."

    Sam was crying inwardly after hearing his words,  but he still maintained a cool look and with a naughty smile he said, "No uncle her parents are taking her away from me,  please help me,  if today I will not reach there on time then I will die here in front of your truck."

    "uhhh huuu....  My boy is actually in love,  don't worry kid, if you're a true lover then I am no less than a cupid,  here we gooooooo" Ximba, the truck driver was ready to play the role of a match maker,  so he stepped on the accelerator. But before pressing it hard, he looked towards Ruby and her slightly protruding belly.

    Ruby smiled as she can easily guess what Ximba was thinking ,"Don't worry my kid is going to be a fighter like his dad, he will not be afraid of speed."

    Just as Ximba listened her words,  he pressed the accelerator so hard and with a speed of 400 kilometers per hour, they reached airport.

    At the entrance of the airport, Ximba hugged Sam and said, "All the best kiddo and don't forget to invite me on your marriage."

    Sam smiled and along with others, he entered the airport.

    (Sam was thinking that he lied to Ximba, little did he know that his little lie is going to become his greatest nightmare when he will reach back)

    They immediately used common laptop and retrieve their identity cards by using internet and then with the help of those identity cards,  they got tickets.

    The next flight to country A was after two hours.  While others were busy in exploring the airport shopping area for two hours, Sam was waiting impatiently in the waiting room. In his mind, he was making thousands of plans that how will he show up in front of Tiya,  these two hours were looking like two decades to him.

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    Finally after exact two hours, there was an announcement, "All the passengers going to country A are requested to board the plane."

    With a big broad smile, Sam and others entered and in just few hours they reached their destination.

    During the flight,  they all fell asleep because of tiredness, so when they reached, they all were feeling fresh, except for Ruby who was feeling drowsy because of pregnancy.

    Joe decided to take her to a hospital for medical check up, So they both left

    while Edd,  Lekini, Priya and Maku went towards Edd's house as he wants to introduce Lekini to his family members.

    Sam decided to go to Tiya's place, on his way,  he purchased a bouquet of Tiya's favourite flowers and then he moved towards Tiya's place.

    When he reached there, he was surprised to see that the house was locked,  he asked a neighbor who told him that Tiya and her mother is in a nearby banquet hall.

    Sam was so excited to see Tiya that he didn't notice anything unusual and he moved towards banquet.

    When he reached there,  the next view in front of him was: Adi was holding Tiya's one hand and he was about to put a diamond ring on her ring finger
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