125 Adis true self

    "O baby you are looking like a real princess today." Mrs Aka said while looking at the mirror when she was giving a final touch up of make up to Tiya.

    Tiya's beautiful shining eyes and with proper mascara lashes were looking so attractive with a thin layer of eye liner.  This was the first time that she applied red lipstick on her beautiful rosy lips,  her cheeks were blushing red perfectly matching with red coloured A shaped dress that was perfectly showing her body curves, deep V shaped neck was displaying her cleavage slightly. She was looking so adorable that anyone can fell in love with her.

    Mrs. Aka was adoring her daughter lovingly

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    "I think we should leave now. All the guests are waiting for you outside." a voice came from outside,  and an old looking man in his late sixties opened the door and entered the room

    "Grandfather" Tiya showed respect while Mrs. Aka grabbed a chair from side and offer that to grandfather Aka.

    "I don't want to sit ." grandfather Aka said while hugging Tiya.

    "My beautiful granddaughter is looking so pretty today. May heaven will bless you with all the happiness in life." Grand father Aka gave lots of such blessings to Tiya.

    He looked at Tiya's face that was looking so pretty that no one can take off their eyes from her today but grand father noticed something awkward in her eyes,  although he was not able to guess what it was but his old age experiences were enough for him to tell that something was wrong and he needs to find out that thing quickly.

    After that both Mrs.  Aka and grand father Aka escorted Tiya towards the center of the banquet hall,  where Adi and others were waiting for her.

    When Adi looked at Tiya, his jaws dropped off and his mouth remained wide opened,  he was looking at her like a hungry wolf.

    When grand father Aka saw that awkward look of Adi, he got a gist why Tiya was behaving like that previously. He wanted to clear a few things now and there only,  but when he noticed other family members and friends, he suppressed his desire and let the ceremony begin normally.

    he doesn't want to create a scene in front of others so he decided to stay quietly and let the ceremony runs smoothly.

    (This is just an engagement,  if I find something wrong in this boy, I will never allow them to get married" grand father thought inwardly.

    After that Adi stepped forward, he asked for Tiya's hands from grand father Aka and opened the beautiful case that was having a diamond ring inside.

    He was about to put diamond ring on Tiya's ring finger,  when the lights were switched off suddenly.

    (This was the scene that Sam witnessed when he entered the banquet hall)

    When lights were switched off,  all the people became quiet, there was a pin drop silence in the hall, suddenly a big theatre light was switched on and it focused on the big projector.

    Everyone was surprised at first but then they thought that now they will be shown a few pics of Tiya and Adi that was a common trend now a days.

    But to their surprise,  the picture that was displayed on the screen was of Adi but not with Tiya.

    Adi was lying naked with a women who was wearing pink bikini.

    Just by looking at that one photo, everyone started looking towards one another , they were thinking that what is happening when a vedio started playing.

    "Darling you told me that once your work will be finished, you will take me to honeymoon. " a girl asked to Adi

    Adi: "Don't worry darling once I will be able to marry that bitch Tiya then I will dump her like a garbage and after that we both will enjoy our honeymoon in Mauritius.

    Shirbie: "I don't understand why your parents believe so much in horoscopes,  just because her horoscope matches you doesn't means that she is suitable for you. "

    Adi: "Shirbie you don't worry, you know I only love you,  I am marrying her so that my parents will not disown me, once I will get the power of attorney of our business after marrying her,  then I will throw her like a fly"

    Adi was dumbfounded to see the video, his legs started shivering but he tried to resist and said, "This video is fake"
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