126 Xi

    Adi was dumbfounded to see the video, his legs started shivering but he tried to resist and said, "This video is fake"

    "o really? "a very soft and elegant voice came from the behind,  when everyone turned around to see the person who was holding the  mic in her hand, they were surprised to see advisor Xi standing on the stage, her persona was entirely different and the aura she was emitting in a perfect business attire was no less than any important person of the country ,"I dare you to question on the authenticity of these videos Mr.  Adi, because I personally collect these evidences. "

    when every one listened to the words said by advisor Xi, they remained dumbstruck and after a minute, when every one came back to their senses,  they started gossiping amongst themselves, "How come advisor Xi came in such a low class party and why is she helping Tiya and her family."

    #Advisor Xi is none other than Nanny Xi,  when prince Sam was little she was appointed as his care taker but with time when Prince was able to take care of himself,  she completed her studies and joined Madam queen as her personal assistant, after few years,  she was promoted on the post of advisor. Everyone in the country knows Xi as the famous advisor of Madam queen,  although she always kept a low profile but just her name is enough to cause a stir and here she was saying that she has personally collected those evidences,  so no one has the guts to question on something that was brought up by her. #

    Sam, who was standing at the entrance of the banquet hall was feeling relieved to see what was happening but at the same time he was feeling furious, those words of Adi that he used for Tiya were still giving headache to him, but he left those thoughts and took a step towards Tiya.

    Adi's parents who came all the way to attend this engagement were so angry at him that with red face they left the place, Adi tried to chase them but his way was blocked by grand father Aka,  who gave him a good beat.

    Sam finally got a chance to go to Tiya but when she saw Sam, and the bouquet of flowers in his hands,  tears made their way out of her beautiful eyes

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