127 Z security

    Grandfather Aka beat Adi and then he asked helpers of the banquet hall to throw him out. All the people standing there were surprised to see what was happening, some of them felt pity towards Tiya while some were cursing Adi.

    In between the chaos,  when no one was noticing, Sam got a chance to go near Tiya.

    Tiya was actually happy to see the turn of events in the party but she can't express the happiness on her face as others were looking towards her with pitiful eyes.

    When Tiya saw Sam and the bouquet of flowers in his hands,  she was so angry, she thought that Sam came here specially to congratulate her, on the thought of such a thing,  tear rolled down from her beautiful eyes.

    She wiped her eyes and ran towards the changing room, other people felt that Tiya was sad because of what happened today while from Sam's point of view he thought that Tiya started loving Adi and now she is angry with him because she was thinking that all the things that happened today are done by Sam.

    Sam was thinking about other possibilities of Tiya's such  ruthless actions when a young and smart boy wearing black suit came in front of him and gave him a ninety degree bow in order to show respect, "Hello Prince Sam, I am Sue and I am appointed as your new assistant by advisor Xi." Just as he introduced himself, a few more men in black suits came and encircled Sam, "These five men are our trained body guards that I have specially assigned for you. "

    All the five body guard took their position while giving Z security to Sam.

    Sam just scratched his head while giving a threatening look to Advisor Xi,  which was in return shrugged by Xi with a sweet smile.

    Xi and Sam has an undefined bond between them. Xi only needs to look at Sam and she understands what is going on in his mind, that's the reason when Mrs.  Aka invited Xi at the time of Tiya's arrival back in the city,  Xi went there without any problem but when she saw Tiya with Adi she felt heartache, she know how much Sam loves Tiya.

    That's the only reason why she investigated about Adi and his past life and in that investigation,  she finds about Adi's relationship with Shirbie and when she investigated it further, more and more things came out about Adi and finally today she revealed all the things that she find out.

    Although Sam always kept a low profile but being a prince he can't just roam around anywhere more on a banquet hall that was filled with people.

    When people in the party saw so many unknown faces inside the hall and that too in same suits,  they got curious to know about these people but the moment they saw Royal family's logo on their uniform, they lowered their eyes in respect.

    One of the young couple in the hall was able to guess about the identity of the person who is under Z security now, so out of excitement they clicked a photo of the scene and posted it on their  social networking media, with a caption #Prince Charming is back in the town#

    With in a few hours, this post become viral and the comments section was filled with countless number of comments. They were enjoying those comments.

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    Little did they know that their one post is going to cause a big stir in the country
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