128 Happy Tiya

    Sue escorted Sam and then both of them left the banquet hall along with body guards and Xi.

    Sam was looking towards the washroom where Tiya went but Xi put her hands on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry she will be fine,  we should leave the place as soon as possible otherwise not only us but Tiya will also get in trouble. If anyone will get a hint about your relationship then you know what will be the consequences later. "

    Sam understand the value of words spoken  by Xi so without any argue he moved and left the place, but his heart was still there.

    ... ..... ...

    Inside the banquet hall,  Mrs Aka was in a dilemma she was not able to accept the things that just happened to her,  her condition was getting worse because of continuous crying, other relatives also started leaving as they don't want to be a part of such an undesirable situation.

    Tiya on the other hand,  changed her shining gown and wore a simple comfortable short frock, then she removed her make up and opened her hairs that were previously tied up in a bun.

    She was feeling fresh like a newly blossom flower. with a happy smile she came out of the washroom and went towards grandfather Aka,  who was busy in settling bills with the banquet hall manager. As other people has already left the place so except a few workers and manager,  no one was left at the place.

    Mrs. Aka was surprised to see Tiya and so is the reaction of grand father.

    Tiya coaxed her mother and said, "What are you worried about Mom?  I am perfectly fine.  In fact if I will get engaged today I will never be this happy because I never like that Adi. "

    Mrs. Aka's heart skipped a beat when she listened to Tiya,  she was feeling guilty now as she knows that it was because of her Stubborness, that Tiya has faced so many things,  she cleaned her eyes and said, "I am sorry my child,  please forgive me I will never ever do such a thing again. I promise you that in future I will never force you to do anything and never stops you to do anything,  you can do whatever you want to. "

    Tiya was happy to see her mother's changed attitude,  she sighed inwardly as she thought, "Every negative chapter of life has something positive to learn." she smiled on her thoughts and said, "OK darling mother then be ready to join me in fulfilling my dreams. "

    Then the trio left the place happily,  Tiya leave grandfather and her mom in their restaurant and then she said, "I have to go and meet someone, I will be a little late so please don't wait for me for dinner. "

    Firstly Mrs.  Aka was about to stop her but then she remembered her promise, so she allowed her to go.

    ..... ..... .... ....

    At the Emperor's villa

    With the news of Prince Charming's return in the city,  all the people went crazy,  they started gathering around the villa, In just a time span of an hour or two the whole area between Emperor's villa and emperor's court,  where commoners can easily enter was filled with around fifty thousand people, when they saw a car, they started screaming happily, "Prince Sam is back"

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    "I love you Prince Sam. "

    "You are the best prince sam"

    In between these screams,  sue finally was able to made a way out so that they can reach the villa well in time.
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