129 Why????

    After dropping her mother and grandfather at home, Tiya drove off aimlessly around the streets, she was thinking about the various possibilities of Sam's reaction,"May be he was happy for me to be with Adi or may be he genuinely wants me and Adi together or may be..... or may be.....  uff 🤔 there are so many possibilities but if he was happy about me and Adi then what about all those things that he said me earlier???  Does he forgot all that?  or does he ever loved me?  what if it was just an infatuation for him?  Aaahhhh what to do now ?"

    Tiya was in a dilemma as she was thinking about various reasons, at that very time her phone beeped with a message ring, she opened the inbox and her eyes shone up on what she saw.

    It was a message from Ruby," City Hospital, Room number 508"

    She typed only this line but a single message from her best friend whom she had not met from so long was enough to bring a light smile on her face,  without any other thought, she turned her car and drove towards the hospital."

    Tiya was happy to see Ruby's message but at the same time, she was worried also on finding that she is in hospital. Without wasting any time she parked the car in hurry and with large steps she went towards the lift and moved towards fifth floor.

    When she reached outside room no 501, she was about to open the door when she heard the voice of a women, the voice was not clear but from the voice modulation she can guess that something important is being discussed inside.

    Instead of going inside,  Tiya decided to stay out and she tried to eavesdrop, and the things that she heard were enough for her little mind to make a few innocent perceptions.

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    "I am not saying that you can't live together neither I am against your relationship but you have to understand that right now Joe has to focus on only one thing and that is to become the emperor of this country,  he need to concentrate on his practice sessions and the news of your pregnancy will become the biggest hindrance in his way to emperorship. Once he will become an emperor, he can marry  you at any time, at that time no one can stop you from being together but please I request you for the time being please stay away from him please.  I don't want my grand child to have the same fate as of his father. P... please think about it and yes the final decision will be yours only yours." then the woman put her one hand on Ruby's shoulder and cleaned her own teary eyes with another.

    Ruby was sitting blankly staring at the roof,  she didn't utter a single word, when Joe's mother didn't receive any reply from her, she said, "Take your time and let me know what decision you have taken. "

    #* Joe's mother Sweetema is a very noble lady,  she belonged to a middle class family and is very intelligent, because of her sweet nature,  Joe's father fell for her and they both got married, being the elder son of royal family,  he was supposed to be the next emperor but the time, his father (Sam's grandfather) knows about his relationship with a commoner's girl,  they disown her and the emperorship was given to Sam's father who was younger to Joe's father.

    After the death of Joe's father,  Joe's mother had faced many hardships in raising and educating Joe. So she wants to get the things back for Joe that originally belong to him only and she doesn't want Ruby and her child to face the same situation again so she requested Ruby to stay away from Joe till the time he will not become the emperor of this country.*#

    When Sweetema left the room,  Tiya hide herself in a corner and then she came out and thought, "This must be the reason why Sam was happy to see me with Adi."
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