130 Sweetema

    When Sweetema left the room,  Tiya hide herself in a corner and then she came out and thought, "This must be the reason why Sam was happy to see me with Adi." she thought with sad eyes but then she just brushed off all her thoughts and pushed open the door with great force.

    "Are you going to tell her that you are not going to leave Joe or should I do the favor and explain it to her in my own way? " Tiya was in so much anger that her beautiful face is turned Red

    Ruby hold her hand lovingly and pulled her on the bed to sit, "Relax dear it's not that serious as you are thinking, actually what she said is correct, once Joe's competition with Sam will be over,   then we can physically announce our relationship."

    Tiya was surprised to hear such words from Ruby,  she knows how much they both love each other and they can't live without each other,  she was about to say something but then with a big sigh, she said, "OK forget it, and tell me what are you planning to do now? " she asked with dull look.

    "Exactly I don't know what I will do now but one thing that I am sure is I will do anything for my baby. " Ruby subconsciously, put her hands on her stomach.

    When Tiya saw that,  she was not able to control herself,  she screamed loudly in happiness , "Aaahhhh

    I am going to become an aunt yuuuhuuu, I am soo happy. "

    they both talked for about few hours and then left the place happily.

    Tiya called her mother and informed her about Ruby's condition, on the way to home she purchased a few necessary items for Ruby. In between their talks,  ruby narrated her the whole story  about past few months, Tiya was feeling scared on hearing how they nearly escaped death and she was thinking how she was cursing Sam previously without knowing the truth.

    .... ... ... ..... ..... ..... .....

    At Sam's place

    In between the great rush, Sam's vehicle entered the villa area, the atmosphere inside the villa area was much quiet than outside,  although there were people like famous ministers of the country, important business persons who bought their daughters and sisters along with them so that Sam will see them in case if anyone is able to grab his attention.  Sam greeted everyone and then with proper rituals, Madam queen welcomed him and hugged him lovingly.

    Emperor king read out a whole convo for prince Sam and after that he left the place and went towards his own villa, but before moving forward, emperor's personal assistant told Sue that Emperor wants to have a personal meeting with Sam tomorrow morning.

    .... ..... ..... ..... .... ....... ....

    Inside his personal villa,

    Sam was in a hurry,  he immediately changed his clothes and ordered Sue to arrange quick food for him,  while eating he said, "Just remember a few things, I love Tiya, Make sure that father and mother will not arrange any blind date for me and your most important task is to help me to propose her and now I am going." in the blink of an eye,  Sam got up and with the speed of bullets he ran out

    Sue had just taken the first bite of his bread, his mouth remained wide opened as he quickly pushed the whole bread in his mouth and gulped it down before running quickly to chase Sam.

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