131 Its Ruby

    Adi put on a face mask and moved out of the villa, Sue was trying his best to catch him up but Sam was too fast.

    Sue got a tough time to follow Sam but he catch up at the garage where Sam was standing and just looking at all the cars, the whole garage was filled with different cars, there were new models of buggati,  Rolls Royce, Audi and so more and that too with their customers made models.

    People who love speed and cars knows the value of such things and for commoners it is a treat if they got to only touch such a model but Sam was searching for something different while roaming in the garage he stopped in front of a Mini Cooper, although the car was a limited edition model, custom designed with latest security features but it looks ordinary from outside.

    Sue followed his line of sight and immediately pulled open the driver seat to sit but to his surprise, when he opened the door, Sam quickly jumped and sat down.

    Sue scratched his head in confusion as he murmured to himself, "Does this prince actually thinks that he can drive? "

    He was lost in his thoughts but came back soon when he heard the sound of engine, he immediately jumped and moved towards the other side.

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    "Hold on tightly" Sam warned him before pressing hard on the accelerator.

    "zzzzuuuupp ttthhhhuudd" slow down prince please I love my life. pleaseee.  I am still unmarried 😢 o God please save me."

    "Aaahhh" with every turn he was screaming like a kid who was forced to sit on a rollercoaster ride.

    Exactly after one hour,  they both reached in front of a building,  it was about two o clock, in the night every thing seems to be extra quiet except of the loud noise of vomit (Sue was puking all his guts out of his stomach as he was so thrilled by the speed)

    Sam was not at all worried about Sue's condition, he was so excited to see Tiya that with a naughty smile on his face, he ran inside but instead of going towards the front door,  he moved towards the backyard.

    Sue's head was hurting like crazy but he still managed to walk behind him by holding his head.

    When he saw that instead of going towards the front door, Sam moved towards backyard,  he pinched the space between his brows as he thinks about the possibility of Sam's action.

    And all his intuitions came out true when he saw that from backyards pipe, Sam jumped and moved up towards the room.

    Sue was thinking as what he has to do now when he saw Sam to enter the room like a thief.

    "Prince Sam please stop" he tried to stop him but everything seems futile as Sam was thinking about only Tiya.

    Sue slapped his head in frustration and then said to himself, "I thought I am PA of the famous prince but who would have thought that this prince has the hobbit of entering in others house like a thief." he also tried to jump on the pipe and after ten to twelve attempts, he finally lost his hope and decided to sit in the backyard and wait for him to come back.

    Sam carefully opened the window of Tiya's room and entered very quietly without any noise, Very slowly he moved towards the bed.

    with a fear of disturbing Tiya he swiftly sat by the side of the bed where she was resting inside the blanket.

    Sam was smiling with himself as he was thinking about tickling her, he put his hands under the blanket and wrapped his arms around her waist then he slowly removed blanket from her face.



    Both of them screamed at the top of their lungs.

    "What are you doing here? " Sam asked Ruby while covering her mouth with his palms.

    She bites his hand and said "I am sleeping here. Can you please tell what are you doing here at such a time? "
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