133 Lets meet Tiya

    Tiya was about to retilate when he jumped over her and kissed her hard on her lips

    Sam was enjoying the taste of her sweet lips, he was eating them like some tasty juicy fruit. His hands were holding Tiya's hands tightly so that she will not push him. Earlier she was trying to resist him but when she realized the amount of force Sam is using is not tolerable to her,  she stopped resisting.

    Sam was enjoying licking her earlobes when he realized that she has stopped pushing him away as a result he also loosened his grip.

    Tiya got the opportunity and gave him a slight kick on his third leg. Although it was a slight kick but still Sam was in pain, "ouch Shit damn you Tiya!!!!! at least have some Curtoisy towards your lover. "

    "Lover???  who????  Do you really think I love you? " Tiya said while looking straight in his eyes.

    After hearing her reply,  Sam was in so much anger that his eyes became red, he captured her in his arms by the side of wall, pulled her ponytail and bite her lips hardly, "Don't you dare to say that you love Adi. I will turn him into ashes if you say that. "

    Sam's actions were too fierce that blood came out from her pink lips.

    Tiya: "Being a prince you can have any girl with you, but not me."

    Sam with anger fuming eyes, "I don't need to have you, you are already mine and only mine. I don't need anyone's permission to get you. "

    Sam cupped her beautiful face in his hands and asked her,"Don't you love me? How can you say such a thing?  I can't live without you even for a single moment and you are saying that you can't be mine but why??? what's the bloody reason behind this?" each word was said with great force, anger was completely visible on his face.

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    Tiya didn't reply him back, she slightly pushed him away and looked straight in his eyes,  both were staring each other.

    There was pin drop silence in the room but their eyes were filled with so many things, so many questions and so many answers.

    It seems like Sam can hear the sounds of her inner soul.

    #* Actually this is the sweetness of their relationship from the very starting they both don't need words to express their feelings, their acquaintship is so high, that just by looking at each other they can read each others mind.

    Sam now understand the fear that she has in her eyes,

    #* Tiya knows that in today's situation if anyone found about their relationship, then either she will be blamed of seducing prince or Sam will be disowned by his father(the great emperor)  and moreover the other eligible girls from other royal families will never accept that without any competition they were lost by a normal middle class girl.

    Sam's heart skipped a beat when he learnt about all her insecurities, he gently hold her hands again and said in a very loveable voice, "Don't worry firstly I will take care of everything but you have to wait for me, you better promise me that you will wait till the time all the things are in our favor."

    Without any word Tiya wiped her tears as she nodded her head, slightly pushed him away and said, "Now go otherwise I will beat you now. "

    #*Tiya was feeling relieved now she understands Sam's condition properly and the sweetness of their friendship is more strong than any other thing in the world

    "I will not go anywhere."Sam said in a seductive voice while coming closer to her.

    "Are you sure you want to be beaten by me. "Tiya asked with naughty smile.

    "Yeah I love to." Sam replied while hugging her tightly.

    "Go" Tiya pushed him away



    "Ahh Haa....  well I will go only if... "

    "If what??? "

    "if you will kiss me and you promise to meet me daily and to call me daily, kiss me daily and love me more and more and yes last but not the least most important if you will not beat me again."

    "Well I can agree on a few conditions but the last one-day not to beat you is a little difficult so I will not accept that."

    Both of them laughed together while hugging each other and finally after a few minutes, Sam left the house from the same room where Ruby was sleeping calmly in her sweet dreams.

    (Little did they know that to secure Tiya's position in royal family, Sam has to fight against his brother Joe for the position of emperor where as Joe was in the same situation as well, to secure the future of Ruby and his unborn child, he has to fight for his position as well.
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