139 Spoiled date

    Sam's mouth twitched on finding how drunk she was.

    "Tiya!!!  you stupid girl,  you did this on purpose.  Didn't you?" then with a big grin on his face, "Well well here if I think,  this situation is not as bad as I am thinking,  I can take advantage of you as you are not in your senses."

    With his big mischievous smile he hold Tiya's arms and made her sit properly so that she can look towards him.

    After that Sam cupped her beautiful little face in his hands and was getting close to her, her delicious pink lips....  he remembered the last time they were together in that cave, his mouth watered to remember her taste and this made a certain part of his body to grow wild.

    Just as his lips were about to touch her soft juicy lips, with a hi...hitch,"Sam being a plince you shuuuuld not take advantage of a sane girl."

    Sam: "O really?? "

    Tiya while continuously nodding her head, "Yyyeesshh"

    Sam:"Which sane girl take so much alcohol when she knows that her alcohol intake capacity is too low?"

    She abruptly raised her hand ✋ and said, "Meee Tiya can do that burrrp hehehehehehe"

    Sam shook his head and hold her hands more tightly now, "Now tell me what is wrong with you? What makes you so upset that you did this and spoiled our date? "

    Sam knows that until or unless she was frustrated with something, she would  not have done this, something must have really pissed her off to do this.

    Just by hearing his words, She got up and with much difficulty she stand on the table and started shouting at him, "It's all your fault, you rascal, ... hitch you are the one who forced me to drink so much....  hitch hitch. "

    Sam hit his head with his own palm and then lovingly coaxed her and helped her to come down then he hugged her tightly and said, "My love, my sweetie pie tell me what I did wrong? "

    Tiya in full on aggressive mood hit him hard and tried to get herself free from Sam's embrace but he hold her tightly so she bite him hard on his neck - like giving him punishment for his wrong doings.

    Sam didn't react and happily accept his punishment in the form of a love bite.

    When Tiya cooled down,  she had tears in her eyes and said, "Sam you rich spoiled prince, you want to marry a princess and still you are dating me? You want to make me your mistress? "

    "Huhh....??  Just tell me. this is your plan, Right? "

    Sam rolled his eyes on hearing what she was thinking and why she was acting like this.

    Now in the next second he forcefully placed his lips on hers and started sucking them with full force, he forced his tongue in her mouth making her to feel shocked.

    Tiya is now coming back to her senses and with wide eyes she started pushing him away, but all her efforts seems to be in vain as Sam was not in a mood to stay back now.

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    After some time they both felt short of air so he released her and started sucking her earlobes then to her neck and continue downwards leaving a love bite mark on her neck, he was about to move down when he felt a hard punch on his stomach.
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