140 let me kiss you

    Sam was about to kiss her collarbone when he felt a hard punch on his stomach.

    Sam, "Damn you Tiya!!!!  I knew it, I knew you were not drunk and just pretending to be."

    Tiya,"Hehehehehehe wow you really have guts if you tried to touch me even though you know that I was just pretending and I am not drunk."

    Sam pinched the tip of Tiya's nose, "You stupid, you know,  how cute you are? and how much I love you? "

    Tiya, "Hmm I know I know, but Mr. Prince, it really doesn't matter if you love me or you are just playing because you can never have me, at least not in this life time."

    Sam tighten his grip on Tiya's hand clearly reflecting his anger

    Tiya: "Stop it, you are hurting me"

    Sam: "Your words hurts more"

    Tiya: "Sam look we need to talk about this.... "

    Sam: "OK fine I have all the time in the world. so here I am sitting in front of you and if you will be able to give me one single valid reason - for not loving you,  I will retreat and I will never ever look for you" Each word was spoken with full force.

    Tiya gulp down dry and while carefully choosing her words she started, "Sam as far as love is concerned, I know, you love me a lot but"

    Sam in frustration: "but what? "

    Tiya :"But we both know that we can't be together forever, you can't go against your family just for me,  Moreover you will get a good heiress or some princess so why me?  And most important if you want to marry those rich heiress and still you want to keep me by your side, then I am sorry Sam, because I don't want to be a mistress, neither now nor ever. "

    Tiya just closed her eyes after saying what was there in her heart. Her heart was beating at a faster rate, she just want to close her eyes and take some rest.

    Sam shook his head with great dissapointment,  he hold her tightly and hug her and let her relax for sometime and once he felt that now she is ok,  he pinched her by the sides of her stomach.

    "Ouch" she screamed loudly, "What the hell are you doing? "

    Sam: " well I was thinking how to get that Shit out of your mind?  May be I should try hitting your head this time. " he smirked.

    He was about to hit Tiya on her head but she grabbed his hand and slapped him hard on his chest.

    After that Sam started laughing and Tiya joined as well.

    Sam was having hard time to control his laugh, tears dwell in Tiya's eyes because of continuous laugh as well.

    Sam: "OK OK chill now and listen to me," he again pinched her nose lovingly and said, "I am a one woman man Tiya and trust me you are the one who has taken my virginity so be responsible now because I am not going to leave you so easily"

    Hearing Sam's words, Tiya's cheeks blushed red like a tomato, she has never thought that he will say such a thing to her.

    "Now stay quite and let me hug you for a while"

    After that Sam hugged her again and while kissing her he seductively called her name, "Tiya"

    "hmm? "

    "I want to have you"

    Tiya knows what he wants to say but she again pushed him back, "Sam you pervert "

    "What? Please Tiya, from tomorrow I will be in battlefield and I might not be able to see you for days"

    "Stop it Sam, NO"



    Sam with a puppy face, "But why?  it's not like we are doing it for the first time?  Remember when we were in cave? "

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    Tiya's ears and cheeks were burning red now, the colour of her face turned from pink to red now.  She leaned forward and kissed Sam to stop him from talking more.

    "OK now listen to me, No more shameless talks now. No means no, Not before getting married."

    "Then let's marry today?"

    Tiya look towards Sam as if he is some idiot, "Please don't behave like main leads of those love novels where a handsome, cold hearted CEO meets female lead then they go to civil affairs office and register their marriage and then their love story begins."

    "Why can't our story be like that? "

    "Because you are not any CEO, you are warm hearted prince charming and I am not a celebrity, I am a simple commoner"

    "OK OK I got your point, means I have to wait to have you, but pleaseeee don't stop me from kissing you"

    Tiya just smiled and then after a second,  Sam was sucking and licking her pink lips.
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